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    [Rsgp] 69 combat starter staker [Paypal]Has about 2m rsgp. No A/w just looking for offers.[RSGP]Lvl63 Claw/DDS Pure!|FIRECAPE :DT DONE:MITH GLOVES[3LetterName][Pk Video][P2P]Hey, selling my AWESOME dds/claw pure. It's combat is only 63. It has a FireCape, Mithril Gloves, Dt done. The perfect starter pure! Comes with 1 defence with 0exp! It is relatively well known in w23 edge! It has a decent Pk Video on youtube! The account was created by me, I am the ORIGINAL owner. So you know there won't be a problem with the trade! Stats: Items & Quests: Login: This account also has a 3 letter name. Comes with P2P. Email will be removed/changed to your email in the trade. I will NEVER go first, unless at least 30 vouches. I will always use a trusted MM, and I will use OMMs, you pay fees. I do NOT accept PayPal or Swaps. RSGP only. Pk Video: youtube/watch?v=qXZX6U9dLJM S/B: 10m A/W: 35m : [email protected] I WILL REPORT SPAM. Please bid and stay on topic, thanksAuction Init Pure Rsgp -- Fully Quested 83 dung ( 1 2)made a new topic has some flaws.[member since 07] [PayPal] Sellin lvl 92 pker 99range 70def[PayPal]post offersSwapping Turmoil Near Maxed 80 Def Main! For Pure!95 PRAYER! KORASI/BGLOVES/VENG/ANCIENTS PERFECT MAIN/PKER Contact Me Here: [email protected] Contact Me Here: [email protected] Contact Me Here: [email protected] STATS FOR PURE: 60 Atk 75-99 Str 1-5 Def 88-99 Rang 1-52 Pray 94-99 Mag ITEMS/Quests: Mith/Addy Gloves Ancients Fire Cape (Optional) 70m + networth! Prayer Books Contact Me Here: [email protected] Contact Me Here: [email protected] Contact Me Here: [email protected][swaps] buying turmoil pure for 138 main [swaps]Looking to swap my level 138 main for a pure with turmoil 45- defence and other quests completed. Not looking for any other special stats except turmoil, just post your stats / pm me name i can look up / preferably a stat pic. I can provide more pics for interested buyers and provide any info needed since im original owner of 138. Stats: Login: Post or pm me if interested.[Rsgp] 69 combat starter staker [Paypal]Has about 2m rsgp. No A/w just looking for offers.[RSGP]F2P pure 40att 1def 98str 92wcSelling f2p pure 40 att 1def 98str 1pray 92wc , 87hp, all other stats are 1. Combat level 66. No recoveries or email. pm me via sythe or add in :[email protected] , post on thread before adding me in .
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