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    ||||| 81 Atk | 70 Str | 85 Def | 80 HP | 99 Mage |STAKER |||||I'm back selling another great staking account! This account is a pro armor staking account that already comes with Vesta Long Sword and Full Statius. This account is extremely versatile as it also has 99 mage (no combats are gained) which can make a great mage boxer as well! I AM THE ORIGINAL OWNER WHEN PURCHASED YOU WILL RECEIVE THE CREATION EMAIL AS WELL A TXT FILE WITH ALL DETAILS (TRANSACTION ID'S, CREATION DATE, PREV PASSWORDS, ETC.) COMBAT LVL 90 THIS ACCOUNT IS GREAT FOR ARMOR STAKING AND CAN EASILY MAKE OVER 100M A DAY Login: Statius/VLS: Wealth: Stats: I'm done trying my luck at the duel arena and have decided to get back into Pking! Terms:I WILL NOT GO FIRST UNLESS I CONSIDER YOU TRUSTWORTHY! IF NOT WE WILL USE AN OMM! I AM NOT ACCEPTING SWAPS! PAYMENT METHODS RSGP AND PAYPAL (CLAIM AND CANCEL) STARTING BID: 50M/$25 AUTOWIN:????Selling 1 def pure Fully quested!Closing this thread had no interest, pm me with your offer if you did want to buy it.Selling 94 Mage Pro Acc.Well first up, I am selling this account as I no longer play RS and infact havent in years, but my account is still very safe and very good I will be accepting Paypal, bank transfer or postal notes only.. I will be doing it in a safe way.. and I wont be going first in any way. I know most of the past info to the account, and its easily said but there is no chance Ill be returning to RS to claim this account back, I am moving house and have no time and infact next to no money! Post here and we will discuss further on .Account Sales: Pures - Mains - 09' member - NO EMAIL ACCSHello everyone, I have a few accounts I'd like to sell. First off I Accept only RSGP/PP/WU I do not accept swaps of any kind. pures, mains, 40defs, check it out. PERKS: Most important quests done, has lunar/dt, the whole kit and kaboodle. FULL Prayer Books, quested, great pvp account to be. $$$ - $75.00 or BEST OFFER ( 0.55 C/M) $$$ -3.50 a/w or 5m rsgp PERKS: Has Yo-Yo 9 prayer, and quests done, indicates life left on this account. PERKS: 1prayer, Could be Frost dragon bot, could be anything. Lots of life left on this account, has small bank. Best offer. PERKS: FULL PRAYER BOOK, Great Gold farming account. Best offer PERKS: 2005 ACCOUNT, Original Name. $1.00 PP / 1.5m PLENTY OF ACCOUNTS FOR SALE, I HAVE MORE I WILL ADD EACH DAY I CAN. Accounts may be recoverable by OMM, all are original and created by me and come with info upon purchase. 1AND ONLY : [email protected] Legit dealer - Just want to take care of business and simply mind my own business. I'm 100% anti-scam, try me. Would like MM, or you first.[rsgp/swap]selling f2p rune ore minerw/70atk-85str-hey guys so im selling my f2p rune ore miner!iwonna make a pure this account has never been member EVER there is no way i caa recover it, this accunt have never botted its 100% safe i make about 500k/hour in f2p it also have got 45 dung for guild dungeon!! im willing to swap it for a pure-just post ur offer here im willing to give you all the necessary informations A/W:none yetSell Zerker Pure With G2h!!! Cheap! Must LOOK!!ONLY LOOKING FOR 8M A/W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!{Buyin} a range/tanker pureHey guys i'm looking for a range/tanker pure.. Preferred maxed stats are 40atk, 99str, 99range,99hp, 99def, 99mage, 1 pray. i'm willing to take acc's close to these final stats so please post what you got you can also get ahold of me at [email protected][LEGIT] ~Level 64 Low Level Ini Pure~ [RSGP]Hey guys, this is my first ever account sale so i think i will let you guys go first, as long as you have a legit history with a few legit buys. I will be selling a level 64 Initiate Pure. Stats: Quests: Showing I Have No Recovs: Safe History: That's all guys, just post an offer here or add me on : [email protected]. I want atleast 1m, anything over i will definantly consider!
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