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    -RSGP- 99 strength 99 magic GREAT PKERI will ONLY sell it for RSGP I had no luck sell it through western union so i'm trying RSGP Its fully quested, Desert Treasure Monkey Madness ect. ( addy gloves also) The Zammy Book is completed. Does have a FIRE CAPE. Post your below, and How much you will pay for it. I'm taking all offer atm. Autowin: 100m My : [email protected] I will only go first to trusted people or we can use a MM Quote: Originally Posted by Lilsoufside Vouch for Me. Sold me a 1 month for $6, I went first, smooth trade XD Quote: Originally Posted by bzzbzz Vouche for Me, sold him 70k bronze arrows for $2 (he went first) Thanks man ^^ Quote: Originally Posted by Merv Vouch for Me, Sold 20k Arrows, Trade Went Great, Thanks Quote: Originally Posted by jevon001 Vouch for Me, give me 25M first, ask me to do a fire cape for him, very nice person Quote: Originally Posted by mrhairy Sold 50M for $35 I went frist, Smooth trade![vPP/RSGP] EPIC Gmaul PURE 99 STR [vPP/RSGP] ( 1 2)Sold.Selling a 1 defense pure in progress [PAYPAL OR RSGP]Only taking USD in paypal and RSGP. No less than 20USD / 30 mil RSGP Auto win = 60USD / 70mil RSGP. I PREFER RSGP. You're going first unless I think you're trusted, if you want to use a MM then you're paying for it. Either leave your , comment this, or PM me. No recoveries, all information. Has 6mil in wealth, 0 blackmarksLooking for a turmoil pure! [RSGP] Upto300m !!!Looking for a turmoil pure from a trusted member or without recoveries/email. Will pay for OMM! Also i would like a recovery test done.Thanks! NO SCAMMERS. I am just trying to get myself a good pking account since i have won ALOT of RSGP whilst playing on my staker. [email protected] to buy a good pure with DT done and high mage[PAYPAL]Im looking to buy a pure that has DT done and a high magic level. Also should have 5-10m bank. Add my [email protected] Or PM meEpic Pure | 64 cb | 94 Mage | 80 range | 1 def | 60 Str | 40 AttNO IT DOESNT HAVE ANY RFD GLOVES SO DONT EVEN BOTHER ASKING ME ON - PEOPLE KEEP BLOCKING ME CAUSE OF THIS... /FACEPALM Chance of being a good f2p pure, or whatever you choose to be. a/w $25 - I need it BADLY! I dont even play this game anymore, I am just selling the gold / accounts I get. : [email protected][Cheap RSGP] Rune Pure (94 Str,87 Range,44 Pray) [Cheap RSGP] or [PayPal]Stats: flickr/photos/[email protected]/5641036591 Combat lvl: flickr/photos/[email protected]/5641039683selling 66 cb 94 mage 91 range 83 str to 99s @@@@@@selling my lvl 66 pure as i am quiting runescape 94 mage 91 range 83 str if interested add me [email protected] 99 hunt 99 fletch good pker starting bid 80.00 AUD all pure quests completed i would put a photo up if i new how too
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