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    [RSGP |Donor|Selling lvl 69 Pure|94Mage|MM|Addy Gloves|Chompy Hats|Main Pure QuestsHello, selling one of my pures here. I Am the original owner. Will be providing every detail of the account when it's purchased. No problem using a , if there are any fee's, you'll cover 'em. When purchasing the account is you're responsibility, i'll give enough info to recover the account. So when something happens to it, you'll sort it out yourself, however you can also contact me for any help. Including Monkey Madness/Adamant Gloves/Dds/94 Magic/~300 Chompy Kills/Main Pure Quests/Desert Treasure. Any questions related to this account, or interested? Add [email protected] iVmp Leading with 36M I'll value RSGP @ .50/M 40M=A/W!!Selling 3 Veteran Accounts! RSGP!Hi, I am selling these 3 accounts that range from 5-7 years old!I am looking for strictly RSGP! First off I have my oldest account with a now updayed 86 WC Next up is a lvl 93 with many quests done. Finally is my zerker pure/rune/granite pure! If you need any more information feel free to post or pm me. You can also contact me @ [email protected] Offer away!Amazing Range Pure ~ 71 Cb 95 Range 44 Pray 1 DefRange Pure for Sale! E-Mail: [email protected] : [email protected] If I am not Online, then you can send me an e-mail. If I am available, I will be on my . The above pictures include the Character, the Stats, Rune Items that I have Pked recently in F2P, the bank, and offence history. This Pure could easily get 99 range with around 10k Red Chins at Mummies since it has 44 Prayer. This is NOT a scam. I am done playing RS and I seriously want to sell this account. I have all the information because I am the original owner of this account. I am looking for the best offer on this account. I am also selling my level 90 Main: sythe/showthread.php?t=1186897Zerker Pure [SWAP]Hi I'm swapping my zerker pure it has membership till the 6th of august My recovery questions get set on the 20th, so swap fast and i'll cancel. Has 215 items in the bank, and It's done Desert Treasure and Monkey madness, havent started RFD yet 81 COMBAT 46 DEFENCE NOW AW:55m Heres the pictures all offers welcome!can some1 help meIm trying to sell my lvl 85 range tanker however i cant figure out how to post pictures of it. can some1 help me?Buying 45~75 99str 40~60 att pure with 5m on it paying up to 60$ USDPlease respond by sending me a message or somthingSelling a cb lvl 73 Runescape Selling this account for rsgp to another. I will tell the buyer the recovs and all necessary account information to fully make it your own. Bidders post here then PM me and include user name in PM so I can add you to the account that I want the rsgp given to. I will be updating when sold.Trading Main for Mb boxerOk I'm trading my main for a mage boxer, the mage boxer MUST have 99 magic, 99 hp and dt done, Idgaf about other stuff. It also must have no recs, no pin, and no email. here is my acc: I have a rapier and will leave 1m in bank for your desires, if you have any questions contact me please, I will provide more pics, and if your a serious buyer I'll show I have no pin/recs/email Thanks
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