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    [Buying] Gmaul or Dds or Dbow Rusher [Paypal]I'm buying either a gmaul or dds or DBow rusher. I want it to have Desert Treasure done. I will only trade paypal or RSGP. We will of course use MM.[BUYING] Any pure with 1 def and 11 pray with dt done [BUYING]Hey , I am buying any account that has 1 defence, 11 prayer, and dt complete. IF THE ACCOUNT HAS ANY OTHER DEFENCE OR PRAYER LEVEL, DO NOT POST!!!!! I will not even consider offers with over 11 prayer or 1 defence, and they will be reported as spam. Post pics of account, or link to thread, THEN add my . I have bought and sold a few accounts here on , and I know how some of the people are. If you have 100+ vouches that aren't training vouches, I will go first, otherwise, unless you are a mod+ I won't go first. I am very open to an OMM, and we will be using a OMM or Verified MM to do a recovery test on the account. We will dish out price once I see stats and other quests on the account. Happy Posting!! and Vouches are in my sig.Selling 10 HP 99 Magic, Non botted account!I've had this account for quite sometime, hoping to turn it into a skiller, but have no time. This account was only botted 32-55, where I used a PRO gatestone script, from RSBots. I legitly alched 55-99 The account needs less than 200 XP to level it up to 99, just in case you want a party about it . I agree to do any recovery test, or anything to help you assure I have no intention to scam. I have NO account vouches, I admit that, but I had a business in which my customers had to pay first and I still came through: 1. Quote: Originally Posted by Kid.Ink Vouch To Slatopaz Got Me Tier 3 For Free Getting 6 Now. 2. Quote: Originally Posted by Themaulpure vouch, got me some kills-- Did everything that was asked Thank you. 3. Quote: Originally Posted by Wyz Vouch for Slatopaz, great guy got me tier 1-6 really fast. Recovers: Black marks: Proof of Account: Stats: We will use OMM/Trusted MM unless you go first. I have no intention to scam, I will use the money on the main, and have no time for another account. I will give you a FULL refund if you get banned, however only within 2 days of purchase. Bid awaySelling 2 D CLAW RUSHERS! RSGP ONLY!Account 1: Level 54 D-Claw Rusher. Account 2: Lvl 58 D-Claw rusher RSGP only. Make a offer, if I like it I'll accept. I WILL GO FIRST FOR A TRUSTED MEMBER! I WILL GO FIRST IF YOU HAVE A REASONABLE AMOUNT OF LEGIT VOUCHES!!D Claw Rushers-str Pures-obby Maulers-70 Defence Pures-rsgpAll accounts sold were created by me and trained by hand by me alone. No accounts are botted on. Accepting RSGP only. I will go first if you have a reasonable amount of legit vouches. Heres the accounts, and remember no Swaps/Pay pal. If your gonna offer in Paypal go buy RSGP on here and use that :::: Account 1: Level 54 D-Claw Rusher. Account 2: Lvl 58 D-Claw rusher Account 3: Lvl 64 71 attk 20 str 72 def -Whipper/Def Pure Account 4: Lvl 23 45 str only str pure Account 5: Mining Pure-Lvl 3 Comes with rune pick Lvl 84 Random: A/W 5m Lvl 45 Def 20 combat account: A/W 3mhuge deal! ( 1 2)my first trade everyone :D! I REALLY WANT TO SELL CUZ THIS THREADS BEEN UP FOR TOO LONG, IF YOU WANT THE ACC AT ALL LET ME KNOW selling level 3 skiller, i want to get rid of it for rsgp, (i have a main thats like broke atm) skiller- 5m rsgp!!! CUT IN HALF, with over 1m wealth on the acc this means only 4m for the acc itself PKER SOLD! :D first trade went very well will gladly go first with a trusted member, will painfully go first with less trusted mems as im a newcomer myself post or mssg me on , or post here its an email login but not registered to any sorry for blurry pics any questions on a stat ask and i will verify EDIT: got it up to 60 fishin, i was pretty bored :pBest 1 Def Pure [94 Herb] [99Fish] [Amazing Skilling Stats] [30 Vouches+] Mini-ItemsIf you have any questions about the acc please pm me Typo in Thread Can Mod Change it to 3 Vouches Selling This Beast Rs Acc Its Low lvl Great Bank And Items and skills You Can Buy With Bank or Without ONLY ACCEPTING RSGP & Paypal [Throught this option you will be donating for me on a server NO LOW BALLERS WATSOEVER RSGP Valued .60/M Recoverys and email will be swapped once i find a legit buyer Pics shud be working[/][RSGP] Lvl3 Skiller 93(94) Crafting / 66 Fishing - Not Email Login ( 1 2 3)NOW 97 CRAFTING! STILL TRAINING IT, MIGHT GET IT TO 99 IF NOONE BIDS SOON ENOUGH. Selling this awesome skiller, as i'm working on a new one i recently bought and is relatively low on cash. I've sold many accounts before, on and powerbot. I don't have a vouch thread as i dont consider it's necesary, but you can track my threads and see the accounts i've sold, and bought. Highlights • No email login, the login name however can be abit hard to learn, but just a bit. • 97 crafting (halfway to 98!) and 66 fishing. • Perfect to start with and get your own 99 • I have all the info, it's not much as i didnt use this account alot, hasn't been member and never had email/recoveries set. I do have the ISP, creation date and the only 2 passwords it has had. My Rules • I'll go first to TRUSTED members, having an high post count is NOT being trusted. • We'll be using a Free MM, or a paid MM/OMM at your expense, you choose unless you want to go first. The Account Login Stats + Proof Now 97 Crafting, on it's way to 98! Bank Offences S/B: N/A A/W: N/A MY ONE AND ONLY : [email protected] POST HERE BEFORE ADDING ME!
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