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    Buying 30 Def Turmoil PureBuying a 30 def turmoil pure must have completed all turmoil quests and have rune gloves also the acc must have 80 or higher ranged and str must not be any higher than 60 attack unless 80 attack with a rapier or chaotic maul, only using an OMM + Recovery test, post what you have here thanksSelling fully quested pure 96 str 96 range 52 pray 91 hpSelling this awsome pure. It's got around 29 days of membership left. I am selling this cuz i made a new pure. I will put an a/w of 30m on this. It was 12 def but got ruined when i tried selling it last week. That's why i lowered the a/w to 30m. S/B - 15m A/W - 40mm A VERIFIED /OFFICIAL CAN BE USED AT YOUR COSTS, AS IM NOT GOING FIRST. It does have an email registered which will be removed, and the buyer will also be provided with the recovery questions which he can remove by himself. I will provide: *subscription info *creation details/ *Postal code & old email *firstpassword I will also provide you with all the old bankpin's When extra information is needed i can provide the buyer with that to. MY EMAIL: [email protected] / Brahmanand @ live .nl stats: info stuff:level 72 combat 94 magic dt done beast [email protected]#!! ( 1 2)i all, This is one of my pures, 70 combat..Beastly pure. There will be no autowin, so just bid away. PURE IS ONLY 70 COMBAT!!! I TYPO'ED!!!!!!! my : [email protected] I will be taking a lot of forms of payment, Such as paypal rsgp, Account swap. with the accounbt i'd take a starter zerker or pure with quests or tanks. So please do post your offers, And you never know. i might accept. I WILL NOT GO FIRST TO ANYONE EXCEPT PEOPLE THAT I DEEM TRUSTED, OR MODS/OMMS. DONT EVEN ASK.[Paypal/Rsgp] Buying rollbacked turmoiler!I'm buying an rollbacked turmoil account. Must have 10 defence(turm quests, b gloves, veng). Only looking for trusted sellers, post your offers here or pm me. Greets.65 Gmaul Pure 1x99 85str 80magethis account can change name at any time currently has 11days membership left. Im not going first unless your 50+decent vouches or you pay omm. Autowin= 60mil has 85str 99thief 80mage and only 50atk!! bid away (only accepting rsgp) [email protected] email will be removed upon purchase. staker pure.accepting paypal and rsgp no set autowin. can do 50/50 trade or i will go first if you are a very well trusted member. has completed various quests. lost city, MM, grand tree, parts of RFD to mention a few. recoves and email will be taken off. no offences. post offers[RSGP] Rubber Chicken, Zombie Head, Easter Ring, and more! Level 67 F2P Main!Serious buyers only please! Hey! This is my level 67 100% F2P Main Account! I don't use him anymore so I'm selling him. T.O.S(Terms of service): - MUST GO FIRST, I will not under any circumstances go first unless we use a MM under your payment. - Must not be hard to sell to; if you want to buy the account you will behave and not try to convince me of going first. Price: Unknown, start bidding and I'll see who's the highest. Fully Quested Ini-Pure 78/80 dung + all tokens 92+ str [RSGP] ( 1 2)ATTENTION: Acc is now 80 dung. 7k tokens from 200k , and it is 50k till 80 att. Hello sythe. Selling my fully quested ini pure. Has rune gloves + dagon hai quest done, def was fully quested. Comes with 78 dung and all the tokens with it. Only 300k exp until 80. Almost has 80 att which will be ideal for the rapier or maul. Please post email when you offer. Starting bid: 25m A/W: 85-100m (will probably sell lower) Pictures:
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