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    Selling combat 82+2 pure.So yeah, havent played rs with this account for long time, now its time to sell this. Im first owner, i got all the information you will need to recover account. Pictures : It has 86 quest points wich includes DT,MM,RFD (mith gloves ). If theres something you wanna talk about feel free to add my messenger [email protected] Accepting runescape gold. A/W 100mSelling an incredible PKer with DT done 1 Def, 11 Prayer!! Best price.~~~~~~Selling Starter Range tank RSGP/PP/WUSo, Today I have decided to sell my Range tank, I didn't get very far into it, but it does have 99 thieving, and is an excellent range boxer. Bank is cleaned, except for a few loyalty point items, such as robin hood hat recoloring, and Eastern outfit. No A/W is set currently, but I am looking to sell it tonight. Feel free to PM me, or add my : [email protected] I have no problems with using MM's as long as they seem trustworthy to me. I am the original owner of this account. And upon purchase you will receive ALL info required to recover the account. (ISP, payment method, and statements,previous passwords etc) and I will transfer the email to you. INFO: s1089.photobucket/albums/...gtankstats.png If you require more info, or if I left something out, please post below Leading bid: no bids A/W: not set I will add more membership if you would like. I will sell at 10m/mo.[RSGP] 99 Dung 75Cb 90Str 500k tokens 3 chaoticsHeres the pics :p it is FULLY QUESTED AND HAS ADDYS Combat Level 75 Account was created with a fake email to make an easier login. Example: [email protected]'s Account Shop! Great Accounts For Cheap Negotiable Prices! RSGP/Paypal/WU/PAHi, I'm starting up my own account shop! I'm trying to become trusted in the sythe community! I'm planning to open some free services such as questing and skilling services as well, so keep your eyes open for my posts! Well anyway, here are my accounts for sale! I Will go first to trusted users, and of course use an OMM if requested! MY : [email protected] (If accounts have recoveries/email r, they will be either removed, or the info will be given to the buyer, whatever you choose) All accounts can be sold for RSGP, or payments via: Paypal, WU, PA. I only accept paypal payments from trusted members, thanks! Account 1: 98cb Main, 99 WC, 99 Thieving, 97 Mining, DT + Heroes done. AW 100M/$50 Will accept less. Account 2: 3cb Skiller with 95 wc. AW 15M/ $7.50 Account 3: 81cb main with DT Done. AW 25M/$12.50 Account 4: 57cb pure hybrid with DT and MM done + 75 WC. AW $25M/$12.50 I'm also selling my 77cb with 37 def, 70 att, 75 str, well skilled, well quested. Contact me for pics + info! Once more, my : [email protected] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ My vouches thus far: Quote: Originally Posted by antonacci Vouch for Quickk! I gave him my runescape account for his WoW account and he went first! It was nice and quick... How ironic o_O Quote: Originally Posted by Louis2201 Lime vouch for Quickk, bought an upgrade off of me and was patient enough thru the whole process, smooth trade ^^ Quote: Originally Posted by Tiemen Vouch for Quickk , sold him 13M thanks Quote: Originally Posted by Kit In Vouch for Quickk, sold him 20m with no problems. Was very nice. Quote: Originally Posted by Kit In Vouch for Quickk once again. Sold 12m through PP, he went first, Awesome guy. Quote: Originally Posted by Louis2201 another vouch for Quickk, had to let him wait (again>.recoveries/mail can be either cancelled or changed by following the stickies in this forum, I am willing to go first if the buyer can radiate some trustworthiness. The account is well-quested, fremmenik trails, dt, mm, ava's quest etc. Upon sale I will provide you with a contact that has been my partner in crime for a long time. He will provide you with anything he deems necessary, he will share the loot and tell you what you must do. Estimated profit is 5m to 40m per hour. Basic knowledge of luring and a mic is required however. Pics: market prices of godbooks: Unholy book: 20m Holy book: 3m balance book: 4.5m ancient book: 2m ----------------- 28m-29,5m accepting paypal, rsgp, ideal, etc. etc.Selling Zerker (swap) 93 Str,94 mage, 92 range, 80 dungfuck this account im sick of it, it has recovs so not bothering to show the ******* picture, il delete them once serouis offer comes.. looking for swap for 1 def pure or turmoil idgaf just sick of this rune pure love you, offer on here then add my [email protected] N0T GOING 1ST, ONLY IF UR TRUSTED I WILL, u can get OMM ur fee or YOU go first stats: combat: bank:Selling quested rune pure | 3 chaotics | 99 Cooking | 97 magic | 88 Str | 88 range |Please add my if you have any offers!: [email protected] Please add my if you have any offers!: [email protected] Please add my if you have any offers!: [email protected] Please add my if you have any offers!: [email protected] Please add my if you have any offers!: [email protected] Hello, I just came to this fourm but i'm not aspecting people to go first. but i will not go first we can use MM, or you go first. I am not a leecher i was in PB forum and i am still in PB forum so please do not spam my thread. Little about myself I'm 15, i do-not have a job i have a stable life living with my parents and going to school. I have many friends. I play soccer, baseball. My future goal is to go to collage. Accepting ~ WU ~ Paypal ~ Rsgp Little about the account - 100% quested defense - 3 letter name - Well known in "Dragon dyce" clanchat - Beast pker - P2p for 2 weeks Pictures Update: Ring of vigour Update: 89 strength, 50 summoning, 89 dungeoneering
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