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    Amazing Range Zerk- Lv 84- Void,.hc.,veng,.member.,., Really C H E A P ( Rsgp)Hey everyone, im selling this account since i dont even use it Selling for 17M Max 490s with handcannon n void. Koed over 100M+ rushing Combat level: 84 DRAGON GLOVES rfd My email: [email protected][RSGP/PayPal] Selling Beserker Potential 60 ATT | 93 STR | 82 MAGE | DT MM ( 1 2)Hey im selling my beserker potenital with addy gloves ect. Account has basicly no wealth. PayPal or Rsgp a/w : $50/50m rsgp : [email protected] * I will not go first under any circumstance. * MM or OMM can be used, fees paid by you. Uploaded with Offer AwayInitiate Pure 4 Sale!! 99Str,Rng,Mage,96HpInitiate Pure 4 Sale!! 99Str,Rng,Mage,96Hp 7m+ in members iteams. Filled zammy book Addy Gloves Mith definder Make offers trying to get rsgp for it A/W - 80m or accepting [paypal] make offers A/W = 100$ no cc funded paypal btw An official MM will be used as well unless u wanna do 50/50 ur half 1st... or you 1st but im not getting scammed ty for ur time readin now BID AWAY LOGIN PG: STATS: CASH IN MEM ITEAMS: :[email protected] AIM:Tdh101jr Or PM me on sythe SERIOUSE INQUIRES ONLY PLEASE!buyin a mage stakerhello im buying a mage staker with high def and 94+mage. or it can be 1 def and 94+mage. ancients has to be completed. no more than combat level 85. i will pay rsgp or paypal money or if you want i will even swap with a selection of pures i have. please pm me or leave your offers below. thanks[PP/Mills]Selling Awesome 83 Starter Zerker [Dt][Rune Defs]Account is level 83 and has many qualities that make it a solid starting zerker: ~12 Rune Defenders ~Desert Treasure ~83 Magic ~43 Prayer ~Rune Gloves ~Monkey Madness and Lost City ~80 Strength Not setting an A/W, but starting is a solid 10M. Depending on who it is, I may go first. If not, OMM will be used, you pay fees. PM Me for and post before PMing. Thanks.[Paypal & RSGP] Selling Level 98 Maxed Rune Pure 99/99/40 92 Range 94 Magic/Veng! ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)Combat Level 98 Will Not go first. Willing to use . I am the original owner of the account. Can prove account in game. This account has done dragon slayer, lost city, lunar quests and more! I accept Only Paypal and RSGP! : [email protected] Post All Offers Here! Pic:selling Lvl 71 Staker! Must See, Has Won Me Mills!i will go first if ur trusted. a/w 25m leading bid 15m there has never been recoves or email ever set on they account i have all details. including member pins.Buying a pure for RSGP, willing to spend 207m!!Hey guys petetheyeti here. Im buying a maxed pure, can be a 1 defence, initiate, turmoil, or zerker pure. MUST BE MAXED, if it has above 2 defence, then the defence MUST be quested. No exceptions. You MUST be trusted and be the original owner, giving out the recovery information. A recovery test will be done. Other than that post some accounts, i will look at every post. Keep it mind the skills and quests done will add up. Thanks and Good luck! I will go first if you are trusted, if not we will go 50/50. Keep in mind, regardless if you are trusted or not a recovery test will STILL be done.
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