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    Buying Decent skiller paying up to 40mSo basically I want a skiller cause im bored of mains. I'll have my pure on the side for pking. Please post stats/threads below. Acc MUST NOT HAVE RECOVERIES, If It has E-mail we will be changing that. Must have at least 1 99 besides wc. Thanksselling level 40 pure with bunny [email protected] Rsgp or cashjust post below if interested im accepting offers[BULK] ||| RedBox's BULK Rune Essence Mining Bot - Account Shop ||| [BULK]Summary of this Shop: I sell one type of account and one type only, an account ready to bot rune essence. It is at the Wizard tower mine with Rune Mysteries done, a pickaxe in hand and ready to bot. It will have a fake login email. EX: [email protected]. Email will probably be pending but will be no-longer registed in a week or two. name of account will be 5 letters. EX: Delec, Veder, Gorez. Please do not worry about me recovering honestly I have better things to do than scam something that took 3 minutes plus Im selling bulk of them. More info + Prices below. Price Per Account: $0.05 - Paypal Only. NOTE: YOU WILL PAY FEES! STOCK: 1 Don't worry just reserve an offer I just started to make the accounts. : [email protected]#### Buying All 60+ Mining Accounts [~rsgp~]####The accounts will be valued on mining level ONLY, For example; if it had 75+ woodcutting i will NOT increase my offer. Combat level also doesn't matter, nor do any other stats. To clarify it's MINING ONLY. [60+] 1.5M+ [70+] 3M+ [80+] 4.5M+ [90+]7.5M+ [99] 12M Post your accounts here, then please add me ([email protected]) I ask that you post here prior for my conveyance, Thanks. We will use an MM, Unless you're willing to go first or you're very trusted.[RSGP]Selling level 3 starter skiller.No recovs or email. It has been banned once for a minor macro offense. Its still in the green zone, about 3/4 up. If you want a pic, let me know. Im selling it because i dont want it, and i just want more money on my main. I will go first if i feel i can trust you. Contact me via at [email protected] Looking for around 5m.[selling][beast] 40 Defence Pures [selling]Welcome to my 40 defence pure shop! I currently have 2 accounts in stock. These accounts are simply 30 combat, 40 defence, 30 hp, and 1 everything else. They come with some steel armor and an iron scimmi, and some food. PRICE: 2m per account! MY ONLY : [email protected] Send me a PM or add my to chat.*Trade* Minecraft for RS Skiller (Legit)Hey guys! I am looking for a good skiller with 3 cmb, no wealth, 1 in every skill other than fishing and/or mining. I am looking for either a skiller with 80+ mining or 90+ fishing. I will be trading you my legit Minecraft account for one of those accounts. I WILL go first. Please have all info and everything. PM or respond to this thread. (This is my last thread like this so I really need people to respond.) Notes: I will take accounts with mining in its late 70's or fishing in their late 80's.Selling 3 good starter accounts! (Cheap)(Trusted)All Accounts have no recov's/emails or infractions. These accounts are very good starter accounts and were HAND made no bots used at all. Account 1 and 3 have junk banks Currently i have no set A/w's so just through me some offers. Account 1 is combat level 17 Account 2 is combat level 3 Account 3 is combat level 50 Account #1 A/w: Not Set Current bid: Account #2 A/w:Not set Current bid: Account #3 A/w:Not set Current Bid:
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