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    18M In Bank LVL 88, Member till 18/October/2011Level: 88 Total Levels: 1065 Blackmarks: None Cash in Bank: 18,147,421 Member Status until: October 18, 2011 Price: 25$ Payment Paypal, O.B.O Sorry if this seems random I just stopped playing :/Buying a personalised mauler.The title says it all am buying a personalised mauler with the following stats : Attack : 50 Strength : 99 Range : 99 Magic : 99 Defence : 1 Hitpoints 60-70 Prayer : 52 I also want desert treasure and animal magnetisum completed. Basically I will make an account give you the login to complete the training once it matches which I have requested I will pay 1,000,000,000 rsgp ( I will not pay via paypal if you want real life cash then you can sell the 1,000,000,000). If you want to talk further PM me or add my : [email protected] P.s I don't care how you gain these stats , also I'll fund the training.LVL 86 Addy turm pure 92 str 94 mageI am the original owner of the account. I have never set recoveries. I will go first for trusted members. pp or rs gold. No membership left on the account. If you want to use mm its your bill. add me on scorpion2580.{Rsgp/Pp} Sell Level 95+5 Turm Dung Pure 80 Att 90 Str 99Mage 97 Range 82 Dung C maulOkay i'm selling this turmoil pure for Rsgp/Paypal, The account does have recovery's as they can't be deleted only changed, i will provide Info for account that i know, i'm not original owner but do know quite a bit about the account. We will use a without a doubt. The account has Chaotic maul and arcane stream neck. Scammers don't try scam me i'm not some 11 year old who doesn't know nothing about account trading/selling. The account has around a 10M bank, The reason im selling this account is to fund my range tank for soulsplit and also some nice gear for it. The account is still a member and has 118 qp, account has done important quests such as, temple at sennistein, desert treasure, monkey madness, rune gloves, slug menace. Add my to offer or post on here: [email protected] Autowin = $150/300m Current Offer = $40/60M Add my to offer [email protected] Add my to offer [email protected] Selling Deacent 25 defence Pure [Cheap]This account could use some TLC or RWT or Straight Botting for a few days but it has all the necessary Equipment out of the way just not the stats! Email will change to your email upon sale Willing to do a recover test since i am he ORIGINAL owner/creater Accepting paypal or Rsgp! A/w 15m You can happily go first or we can use an mm/omm! No trolling please and Happy bidding! Pros: Ancients Rune Gloves Ava's Accumulator 1 month of membership left Monkey Madness Completed + all basic pure quests done! 85 Magic 86 Strength 78 Range Cons: 25 defence 25 defence 25 defence ImageShack.usSelling amazing initate pure, 102 Dung, rapier, maul, long, staff,cbow 500k tokensselling my initate pure looking for rsgp, cant take paypal because my paypal account got locked ~100m a/w will use omm, recovery test buyer pays fees rare 3 letter name, the name alone is probally worth 15-20m the defence is quested, rune gloves etc maxed berserker ring, is about 300k tokens, if you reset the ring you can get them back will remove recovs and change email to yours, when a deal is made pm me if you have any questions , want to meet in game etc85 Cb Staker,1prayer,1 Summ,81 Dung,rapier,member-readHello all Sythe Members [85CB][RAPIER][1SUMM1PRAY] RAPIER STAKER FOR SALE [200kTOKKENS][81DUNG][P2P] Hello all Sythe Members Again,I Heard about this Community From College Partner So Today I joined it and My 2 ND post is about account I wanna Sell today.Account I'm Selling Is Original made by Me,I botted Dungeoneering just from 76-81 with iDung Pro so you wont be Banned.Account is Clear and Nice,he got 200K Dung Tokkens For Rapier,So you can eassy Own in Duel.I'm Selling it because I got better Staker with Maxed Melle and near Maxed Total Main,so with this I'm not Playing and I would be Happy to get some Free cash from that account.Good is account never got any Reqoveries,so your Setted Reqoveries Be First info! You can Contact me Via ,Messenger,Private Message. : DeviansArt Messenger: [email protected] Email: [email protected] I'm All time Ussing If you dont want go First,so your Choose,we Can use Free MM,VMM if you can Pay Fees for it or you can Go First,thanks. You can Contact me Via ,Messenger,Private Message. : DeviansArt Messenger: [email protected] Email: [email protected] BEFORE ADD ME,PLEASE POST IN THREAD####Enough Said. Maxed 1 Def Pker -99 Str Magic Range Hunter- -90 Hp- ####So I have quit playing runescape. It was really a waste of my life. I have botted on this account, but I have no bans or any offences. I think this is the most amazing account ever. Ever since I started playing runescape I've always wanted 99 str. With this account I have done way more than that. I'm now in the Airforce and realize this game is a waste of time. I spent 5 years of my life ******* with this game. So with regards to that, Here are a details about the account. I have every book full including zammy. Firecape Only steel gloves )= Also has the prayer aura Pics: Quest's Combat Lvl Bank Offences So yah if you need any other pics just tell me. I can meet up ingame with you if you want. Paypal only bids please We will use an OMM you pay fees
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