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    [RSGP] Selling Beast Turmoil Zerker | Fire Cape | Torso | Ardy CapeHAS COMPLETED ALL QUESTS FOR CURSES. Looking to sell my Turmoil Zerker Pure. I'm Not going first. We can do 50/50, You, The buyer, can go first, Or we can use a OMM at your expense. - I only Accept RSGP, No Paypal. Sorry. -Combat Level is currently 95+5 - It is 45 def w. Turmoil. Fully Quested. - Has dragon gloves, Torso, Fire Cape, Ardy Cloak 1, Rune Defender etc. - I am the original owner and will provide all details. -Recoveries are in the process of being deleted. If they will not be able to be deleted, I will supply ALL the information. - Starting bid: 50M - A/W: Unknown - Please post your offer & I will add you Via . PicturesNear Maxed Initiate Pure | 99 Strength | 99 Mining! | 65 Theiving! | Perfect Quested!Hello Sythe, Today I am here to sell my Initiate Pure. Starting Bid: $40.00/50M RSGP AutoWin: $80.00/75M RSGP LOWERED THE AUTO WIN, NEED A BUYER QUICK. It has a Cool name, which I can give to you if you PM me requesting it. Stats: Bank: Quests: Login: I DO NOT KNOW WHY THE LOGIN SAYS I HAVE AN EMAIL AND RECOVERY QUESTS SET, I DO NOT HAVE THEM SET, I CAN HAVE A MOD VERIFY THIS, AND I WILL HAVE THIS VERIFIED. PLEASE DO NOT LET THAT TURN YOU AWAY, ITS JUST NOT SHOWING IT CORRECTLY. Any Bids under the Starting bid, or insanely high amounts that anyone would know you are not able to pay will be reported as spam. Anything not related to the thread will be reported as spam. Terms Of Service -If you win the bidding, and you do not respond within 24 hours of the time I have told you that you have won, the account will be sold to the next highest bidder. -I have the Right to Decline any trade that I see not fit. -I Do not go first. -I ONLY accept payment as RSGP, or PayPal Gift, or a Trade that I see fit. -If you DO NOT send the Paypal payment as a GIFT, I will accept the money, as if it were a donation. -We can use an MM or OMM at your request, if you pay for them. My Only is: [email protected] Always Ask for a PM before completing the trade, there are impostors. Thanks. King Regards and Happy Bidding, -SpeedCuber13Selling started pure for 1 MONTH MEMBERSHIPAs I mentioned, I am selling this pure for 1 month p2p. No quests done. No items, RSGP. I haven't played on this account for more than 1 year. If you are interested, post here.initiate pure starter level 69 comb 74 strCapture 4 Capture 3 Capture 2 Capture Decent enough player with a pretty good name (will tell to anybody serious), good starter account, has completed monkey madness, has addy gloves, mith defender initiate etc. Pics are pretty self explanatory. Has recoveries but i can't find how to delete them? Don't use the account any more, open to offers. Accept RSGP ONLY any questions don't hesitate to ask. thanks! EDIT: recoveries have been removed following the guide on here.looking to swap for lvl 80-89 pure must have 99 def and 99 range (75 str and 1 att)Need a lvl 80-89 account with good stats Account needs this 99def 99 range 94+ mage 1 att can have 1 str or 75 str atleast 2 99 skills for money making can be hunter,mining,fishing,farming,whatever is needed account can have every other stat lvl 1 as long as it meets the above requirements thank u oh and also ill pay extra for Firecape on account and full void if possibleMaxed initiate pure. RSGP.sold to a numptySelling two pures for RSGP/SWAP.The rune pure has dslayer, nature spirit and fremmy trials done (as with other one defense pure quests) MM IS DONE! This account has nature spirit and DT done (as with other quests) Please posts offers+, i'll add you.[RSGP] [SWAPS] Zerker With 99 Str And Firecape!Hey guys im selling my zerker today here's a pic its a very good account has , 99 str , fire cape... I am only taking rsgp or A account with turmoil. My is [email protected] if u have any questions , thanks.. IM LETTING THIS ACC GO FOR 25$ PAYPAL!
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