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    Buying 80+ Dung Account 200k-400k Tokens 1 DefThe account must be 1 def and have 80 attack. Offering upwards to 70m if it had 400k tokens or a rapier/maul. Will not go first unless I deem you trusted. If not will be using omm/recoveries on my expense. Also if it has at least a month of members left that would be niceLvl 87 Combat W/ 92 Fletch 80 WcLvl 87 Combat W/ 92 Fletch 80 Woodcutting Full Torag $150 on PaypalWant to buy turmoil accountHello sythe members, today im looking for a turmoil pure that meet my requirments. I'll be willing to pay 100-150$ and will buy RSGP too 200-300M. If your super trusted i will go first otherwise we will use an OMM Which are: 60-80 attack 80-99 str 95-99 prayer 30-45 defence 80+ dung (not neccesary, but would be cool) *******MUST HAVE 20+ VOUCHES******** *******MUST HAVE 20+ VOUCHES******** *******MUST HAVE 20+ VOUCHES******** *******MUST HAVE 20+ VOUCHES******** *******MUST HAVE 20+ VOUCHES********Selling Pure for Cheap58 Cb 47 attk 73 str 1 def 29 pray 66 farm cool name (in the bawlz), dragon skimmy quest done ..... we will use mm or u can go first.. i dont want a lot of cash for this pure selling it pretty cheap. need money for my main. make a offer. so reply or add my make me a offer [email protected] Main l { PayPal } lHi, i am selling this account for paypal only. I will not be going first. If your interested in this account post your offers below Thanks.Selling 2 Accounts Cheap!Yes, i'm new, i understand, you don't trust me, my friend recommend me to this site. I never play on these accounts anymore. i want the money to go on a new account i made for dicing. I really don't know the value of these accounts, not that much i'd say. One of the accounts have about 8 million cash and about 5 million in f2p items. The other has about 100k cash and about 3 million in f2p items. One of them is a level 71, the other is a level 86. Both are f2p. i'm the original owner for both.. One of them has recoveries, but i don't know how to take them off. If you need to contact me. you can contact me on here or whatever other method of communication you have in mind. Start your bids at whatever. i don't know the value. Thanks -Michael♥♥RSGP♥♥ Selling INSANE Zerker Pure must L♥♥K ♥♥RSGP♥♥Insane Zerker Pure - No Recoveries or Email - All information will be provided upon purchase. - Original Owner - Username login (not email) Sold to Listen to Young Money for 50M : [email protected] Post BELOW with your if interested. -Thanks to Slota for Layout-Selling a maxed level 82+10 5 Defence pure (PP only)Selling a maxed level 82+10 5 Defence pure (PP only) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey im selling a maxed 10 defence fully quested pure (pp only) I will not go first but will gladly get OMM and split fees Heres some pics gyazo/24af2b92dc697fbb863e52ce137773a0 gyazo/cb0251f77a1b64a99e1b2f2100318cab gyazo/98889f5fe0d5483831e34f3bc3d04c91 My - [email protected] -wakeisme Looking for around 50-125$
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