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    Selling level 49 f2P pureRSGP only post here10 HP Pure -RSGP- ( 1 2)I am selling this 10 hp pure. A/W is 15m. This account could be turned into a pker. It has access to gold smithing gauntlets for lrc superheating, zanaris for spirit imps for charms, and has the strength/fishing levels to train strength at barb fishing. I tried recovering it to cancel out the recovery questions, but it did not delete them for some reason, so I will give you the answers and you can set your own ofc. The email is only for login and there is not one registered. The email that is registered does not exist. login stats offence history Please tell me if something is wrong/missing.Buying: Level 3 with a High Crafting Level!Looking for a level 3 with a high crafting level and by high I mean in 85+. Will offer 10m+! Account must not have e-mail/recoveries. Would prefer non e-mail login but meh w/e. : declan.walkerbout : [email protected][RSGP/PA/PP]Buying rc skilleralright im really looking for a runecrafting skiller with 91+ rcing any cmb lvl /other skills are fine.. just really want 91+ rc im willing to go first only to trusted people otherwise id like to use omm.. i will pay fees if needed i can pay with RSGP/PA/PP/MONEYBOOKERS.. any method that you choose.. im willing to pay alot of money depending on stats please post or pm your rc level and asking price or tell me levels and ill offer also my messenger is [email protected] for faster contact thanks looking for an offer asapBuying Obby Mauler!!!I don't care what strength level, preferably 70+, 1 attack is a must, 1 def is a must, if it doesn't have 55 slayer it must have low range maybe 50 max, if it has prayer it must have mith gloves done. post if you have anything that fits this description. i'd prefer if it had 55 slayer done.[cheap] Starter skiller, Non email login, No recoveries/Email [cheap]$1.00 OR 2M A little skiller I made. Its non email, loads of potential. Can almost chop yews for good money and I'm asking a cheap price. 3.5M or $1.75 PP Never had recoveries Only 2 passwords total ( will be given ) Only f2p only f2p only f2p20 attack obby mauler +main for only 35m RSGP +1month membershipi am selling 2 accounts 'x wheatus x' and 'wheatus x' both for 35m or 20m each, x wheatus x is a main conbat 90 with 84 strenth and 70 attack 80 minind and 60 def/range wheatus x is a cb 47 with 76 strength. i can train this account any skill until it reaches your demand. pm me or reply to this if interested if not willing to pay the price, post what u would pay and ill get back to uSelling a level 99 fisher.This account is really only good for its 99 fishing ability. Please offer.
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