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    [RSGP] Selling Incredible Pure! 60/97/1. 94 Magic! 31 Prayer! DT DONE!Hello. I'm relatively new to the Sythe community although I know of its Cheating/Runescape General reputation. I'm here to offer my pure for sale. The existing cash on the account has been transferred out, and I am only willing to accept RSGP for the trade. I will, on no instance be going first as the account has no recovs/e-mail rego (As shown in the picture below). All I ask is for a smooth transaction. You're more than welcome to keep the variety of items already existing on the account. Post (or PM me) your RSGP offer and E-mail address. I will add you, please ask for a PM. Thankyou. Current Offer: Autowin: Undecided. Quote: Vouch for Demoralis3d, bought 70M off him for $49. Quick, smooth trade & I went first, in increments of 10M/20M, thanks!Selling level 74 Berserker for The Above link shows the recovs and account information but otherwise the account is a perfect starter berserk with a few climbing boots to help start . The account has dragon gloves and a rune defender as well. The accounts prayer level is 16 which means it is also a great potential staker. I am looking for offers for the account in RSGP please, cheers. I will not go first but i will go 50/50 or use a OMM you pay the fees or you can go first. Cheers guys and i know this means nothing but i guarantee i will not scam you under any circumstances because i no longer use this account and play on my main i haven't used this account in over a year. Well anyway thanks for reading and leave ur or offer below and i will contact you. You can also PM me. Cheers ArmadylgodzVery nice Boxer/Staker - Level 86 -Goodluck bidding, as always. And remember, I'm only accepting RSGP. Thank you.Awesome start to a fremmy or tank rangerLevel 73 combat no recoveries no email the account has a username not an email login which is great Has 5k mith bolts and a few sets of black d hide and some black mystic tops Great stats to become a tanker or just leave its defence and own everyone Done Fremmenik Trials. Taking RSGP ONLY [email protected] . Add me Has accumulator for a specific tank.Looking for an account with a build like this: 70 attack 40 or lower strength Any defence over 40 70+ range 1-52 prayer 70+ mage post if you have something like this.[RSGP]Selling amazing pure 74cmb !Hi, today I wanna sell my pure account for RSGP cuz I'm gonna play on my main. Account have quest for pures including addy gloves, dt, mm, lost city, horror from the deep, climbings, ava accumulator. PICS: S/B: 10M A/W: 40M I'm not going first, unless You are very trusted person. If You wanna use OMM, You will pay the fees. : [email protected] Amazing Range Tank! RSGP or PAYPALHi, Title says it All. Accepting RSGP and Paypal. Bank Funded and Verified Only. I will not go first unless you are highly trusted. : [email protected] 1m RSGP = $.80 USD Pics aren't showing up... ;/ While working on this technical difficulty I will be free to meet in game. Enjoy BiddingWicked Rune Pure - W/Firecape+Torso! [RSGP]fgdfhdfh
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