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    Selling range tank with 99 range/mage ( 1 2)sold.[Sythe Member Since 08] Selling 40 defence turmoil pure|Veng|89Dung + MORE| [RSGP]Turmoil Pure Noticeable Stats + Achievements: - Vengeance. - Rune Gloves. - Turmoil. - Dagon Hai Robes. - 89 Dung (lost rapier) - Arcane Stream - Can get barrows gloves with 42 def. - Pk ready. Pricing + Rules: - No LOW ball offers. - RSGP only. - Starting bid: 50m. - Asking price: Unknown at this time. - Please post, or pm me your with offer. Pictures:Selling 69+6 pure! dt done addy gloves + mm doneim selling this account due to me needing to start new account with cousin! a/w 100m! c/b 25m Email : [email protected] or PM Stats : Quests : combat lvl : wildy : notable items the ban page log in page ( note : theres some membership left ! ) will be using a MM!RSGP Selling level 76 95 str 75 attk 1 def 1 pray 1 summonHi, guys im looking to sell this acc for rsgp so i can buy myself an ags on MY MAIN A/W idk ill decide later bid starts at 1m START i may go first just depends on person Log in Stats: Cb: Good trades: 2 bad trades: 1[RSGP~~Selling Decent Initiate pure w/Ancientz 76CMB~~[RSGP]Hi, i'm selling my beast range/d clawer or initiate pure. Yeah, you could possible get his range a couple lvls and hed be beast range/Dclawer or just use D scim/D claw. They both could work. Ive made the account myself, no botting and mostly trained at experiments. Pics will tell you the rest. Stats! Update: Has 80 Range now 88 Str 79 Constitution No Recoveries! Quests! Also serious buyers only please. :-Online: Im trusted so don't be SHY Im willing to start the bid at 10 mil. Thx for looking!Selling Level Member 78 PureStats: Quests: Post offers plz? Fully quested Full Zammy Book.Spending 102m on a nice account ( 1 2)Title Says all You must be legit, not spending 102m on an account to get recovered. sorry i've bought an acc and its happened before. MUST USE A OMM TRUSTED USERS ONLY DONT ADD MY UNLESS YOU POST i'm allowed to say no without being called a scammer okay? :pmy lvl 92 "read"this account has done me well it has been member a few times "5-6" (the skills) this account is mostly a combat account, [​IMG] This Account has no bank pin,No recovery's,But yer The Bank(not rich) but usefull wc to get rich on member, [​IMG] and more [​IMG] im setting the price of the account up to 50-80 usd and 20-30 british money i take paypal,and if u have other billing please conotact me on = joshua.pinyoun or i can take rsgp = 12-25m ty for looking and i hope you like the purches and the account
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.