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    Selling nonmember def/prayer pureHe's level 23, with 40 defence and 43 prayer and 29 constitution. I'm looking for paypal, and I'm going first for trusted people, or we use . pm me for my . it's a really fun account to have, because people get all angry at you... ahahaha...49 cb, 40 AT, 67 ST, 85 Mining + WC Starter Pure ( 1 2)Very nice starting pure, don't use this account anymore, has been a member once and it will come with the code used. Leave a message + or PM me, sensible offers. CURRENT BID / 15M /selling starter range tankhas 40 attack 45 strength 52 defence 55 range 1 prayer 46 magic 52 constitution, ill post pics if i get any interestSelling five year old account ~(Has etc)This was the first account I ever made on runescape, and just recovered it. It's so adorable and besides the fact that the stats aren't very good. 27 attack (16 every other combat), it hasn't logged in for 5 years, and its able to get the veterans cape. This account also has many rares. Here's the log in page, i'm not looking for much but would love to see this char put to use. No its not my ip adress, pfft I had dial-up back then! (Email will be given)Quick Sale! 9HP Account! BUY IT FAST! [RSGP]Selling 9 HP Account QUICKLY (Cheap) Please add my : [email protected] SOLD!! Probably the cheapest CLEAN 9HP account...?(rsgp/swap) Buying Obby Mauler (rsgp/swap) !!Hello, Im buying an obby mauler, im willing to swap for my other account or i can pay rsgp its your call. if your intrested in swapping check out my other thread it will be the account im swapping. :///showthread.php?t=1308695Bsiedel's sale extended! A great lvl 62 pure! :DNice lvl 62 pure selling for rsgp/swap i dont do the whole paypal money thing. pm me on here or me at [email protected] Account stats:[PA] Buying nice low level staker [$200 Budget]Looking to buy a low level staker from someone trusted. Looking for one under level 60 preferred, however may consider accounts that are good and over that level. Looking to make a quick, secure transaction with someone trusted and willing to pay the premium to have this happen. My budget is $200 Post or me: [email protected] I've also got : d0peland
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.