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    RoidRipper Newest Version HERE 1.5.0 Announcement It is with great pleasure I announce the newest and most incredible feature yet for RoidRipper: System Travelling! Highly requested, this single feature will be the biggest boon to isk you can get! No longer do you have to manually change systems, or worry about always sitting in the same system for people to notice. No longer will you have only half days of mining due to your system being emptied. No longer will you have to change to scordite to keep mining! You now can constantly mine veldspar 23/7 in as many systems as you like. Variety is king! I would like to thank those who have donated, it is their constant complaining that pushed me to add in this feature for all to benefit from. Now there is no free bot even close to as feature rich, efficient, and fast as roidripper. No bot is capable of handling almost any situation and recovering. No bot will make you nearly as much isk. The RoidRipper experience is unique and mindblowing. I release this version to all, with the simple expectation to not release this bot elsewhere, but to direct everyone here. Regards, The RoidRipper Team. Especially Myself (MooseMan99) Updating to 1.5.* From Earlier Versions Rerunning your setup is required. I also highly recommend you delete your existing default.ini and reconfigure everything to avoid any potential issues. Features: Will mine all day, while gracefully handling downtime. Supports most ships. Supports use of T2 crystals. Active tanking support. Allows use of 200km bookmarks Automatic configuration. Fast and efficient. Full statistical reporting. Open Source Combat Drone Usage Will travel systems! Hotkeys Pause - Pauses the bot Control+Z - Will gracefully exit roidripper at next docking cycle Vista and Windows 7 Users When running RoidRipper, you MUST disable all themes and visual styles, INCLUDING aero. You must be running your windows in classic mode. Change Log 1.5.2 - Fixed Max Bookmark variables 1.5.1 - Minor changes in the bookmark auto detection, and removal of some outdated variables. Fixed station cargo detection missing the first check. 1.5.0 - Massive rewrite of most of the belt logic, unloading routine, and roid overview update. - New feature: Travelling! Will now travel systems when current system is unprofitable or empty of roids. - New Hotkey: Graceful Exit. Control+Z - Testing changed Emergency Warp Out code in an attempt to stop false positives 1.4.6 - Allows custom downtime time range 1.4.5 - Updated cargohold OCR for Apoc 1.2. Removed trial account support. 1.4.2 - Added additional overview distance checking to help with 0m distance bug with eve. 1.4.1 - Fixed T2 crystals for less than three lasers. New setup configuration. More drone fixes. 1.3.5 - Fixed use of more than 3 lasers. Minor speed increases. 1.3.4 - T2 Crystals fixed. Beta testing drones. Infinite cargo search loop in station fixed - Minor offset fixes for potential issues - Final cargo fix. - More cargo fixes 1.3.3 - Fixed OCR Bug for smaller cargohold ships. Changed laser switch code to try to account for more lasers than skills allow targets. 1.3.2 - Fixed Cargohold OCR for Apoc 1.1, misc changes. 1.3.1 - Major bugfix revision. 1.3.0 - Initial Release for Apoc 1.0 by Darth Diggler Want to help promote RoidRipper? Link to our website! (Courtesy of DavidBanker)
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