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    RoidRipper Current Version: 1.3.1 (April 15th) - Apocrypha Compatible INCOMPATIBLE WITH NEWEST EVE PATCH. PLEASE WAIT WHILE WE PATCH THE BOT. Features: Will mine all day, while gracefully handling downtime. Supports most ships. Active tanking support. Allows use of 200km bookmarks Automatic configuration. Fast and efficient. Full statistical reporting. Open Source There is an included help file you will NEED to read to setup the bot correctly. Please make sure to read this fully before requesting help in this thread. IMPORTANT: Make sure the first time you run RoidRipper to run backup settings after having configured your eve location. Make sure you are in your mining ship, ready to mine, docked in a station. The station MUST be bookmarked. Please undock and make a bookmark at 0km to the station. Do NOT bookmark the station itself. You will need to configure all the screens, and then create a pc.dat file. Choose to do this from the menu. The bot will automatically handle eve, and scroll through the EULA. Once it exits, you can then proceed to Mine for the First Time. Roid Ripper will completely configure eve properly and exit before relaunching and mining. Thanks to mooseman99 Copy from i try to post every new udates or visit the link above
Thread Status:
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