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    THIS IS NOT A SUPPORT OR BUG REPORT THREAD. Roidripper 3 What DOESN'T it have? Automatic bookmark creation () About, 5000 lines of code? What DOES it have? A complete overhaul of the entire remaining 10991 line basecode (WIP) 25-35% CPU usage decrease Better preformance under Vmware (Still not officially supported) Faster runtimes (reported by some users up to 5-10minutes faster) Overhauled GUI Improved Setup Improved Statistics Improved Starmap handeling Improved Traveling Improved Maneuvering Instead of closing Roidripper after all available asteroidbelts have been deemed empty Roidripper 3 will go into hibernation, it resumes it's tasks after downtime has passed. Downtime checking using API / working custom downtime Improved drone support The option not to warp to random bookmarks after each undock but to clear out one belt at a time Option to abandon wrecks created by Drones -Autostart commandline option Notifications on Disconnect, Crash or Emergency LogOff And more... Thank you Blaine the Mono Zaradoom Redfang Shaun All the other testers Credits Daredevil / DaredevilWasAlreadyTaken Ripperjack Mooseman Changelog Changelog information of the previous versions can be found in the CHANGELOG.txt 3.3.2 * Support for Tyrannis 1.1 Note: Slider values have changed from 0,6,0,255 0,0,0,255 to 0,0,0,255 0,0,0,255. Traveling is currently not functional, unfortunatly not all People&Places settings are retained THIS IS AN ISSUE WITH EVE ONLINE, NOT ROIDRIPPER Tyrannis 1.1 support is currently a WIP, please provide ACCURATE descriptions of issues you may encounter. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- * Improved support for Tyrannis 1.1 * Setup has been improved * Issues with Traveling, Drones and Crystals have been fixed * New behaviour / feature; Roidripper will now align towards the station when the Clock has exceeded GlobalFinishTime/100*75 (75% of what Roidripper considered the time it should be done), this should decrease roundtimes by about 10-15 seconds. Before starting the Setup please make sure your ship is inside a station! Make sure you have the optional patch installed! ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- * Drones should once again be functional * The MaxTimeInAsteroidbelt value should now be honored Please move the Drones.bmp image from SourceImages to Images or run the CreateDAT process ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- * The MaxTimeInAsteroidbelt value should now be honored, really, I promise ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- * Improved support for Tyrannis 1.1 * During setup Roidripper would always click the Enable tutorials button to disable them, even when they were already disabled, this issue has been solved * And issue where Roidripper would not orbit asteroids within 1000m has been solved * Roidripper would missclick the 'Ok' button when abandoning wrecks, this issue has been resolved * Roidripper would missclick the 'Ok' button when putting contents in the Corporation hangar, this issue has been resolved * After upgrading to a new version Roidripper will now force the user to re-run the CreateDAT and Setup process * Several code improvements * General code cleanup ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- * Solved numerous issues of which I have no full log because I deleted the changelog. Long story short, it should be better. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- * Roidripper will now only orbit an asteroid when the asteroid is close than 500meters again Roidripper will not require a rerun of the CreateDAT and Setup for this version. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- * Solved numerous issues of which I again have no full log because of the mayhem caused by the split. * Rewrote the Crystals subroutine, Refit and Load Crystals are now merged into one feature * The Crystals subroutine now sorts the Hangar by Quantity down when fitting Crystald and Quantity up when loading them. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- * While abandoning wrecks Roidripper would sometimes attempt to rename them, this issue should be solved Quote: Behaviour change: Control & Home will have Roidripper return to the station and Pause Control & End will have Roidripper return to the station and terminate EVE and Roidripper Control Quote: Behaviour change: Roidripper will now check if mining crystals need to be refitted when returning to the station ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- * Solved an issue where the Control & Home keycombination would work but then continue to loop after you unpaused Roidripper * Roidripper should no longer open the fittings window while warping back to the station if mining crystals are not used * Improved on cargohold detection, if no cargohold can be found and/or if it returns a volume of 0 several times Roidripper will perform an emergency logoff ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- 3.3.3 * The user interface has been updated to better represent the available features * The Roidripper documentation has been updated Here u can find the Download and Support
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