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    RoidRipper 2.0.2(a1) - Tyrannis compatible Credits to Ripperjack, Mooseman99, pea, emynem2000, and the community of publicdemands(dot)co(dot)uk . This program is under . The owners and administration of and the Heroic Studios and me have no credit in releasing this application/software/bot. The owners and administration of and the Heroic Studios and me are not responsible for this application/software/bot. If the owner of this application feels this is a violation of the CCPL, please PM me DIRECTLY. Quote: ~RoidRipper 2.0.1 Notes Hotkeys Supported * Pause - Pause the bot * Control + Up - Increase max time in belt by 30 seconds * Control + Down - Decrease max time in belt by 30 seconds * Control + Home - Log off at next return to station Features * Free and open source * Supports all ships and configurations including crystals * Ability to select what to mine * Full rat protection manages shields, armor and fight drones, and if RoidRipper still can't handle the rats it will warp the ship to safety * Altering of delays and scheduled logoffs to help stop suspicion from other players * Traveling function allows RoidRipper to jump to different systems * Setup is completely autonomous * Ability to backup normal play settings and restore them when finished botting * Supports all Windows versions * Supports all screen resolutions (only 1024x786 officially supported) * Supports most Windows themes (although only "classic" officially supported) Improvements over RoidRipper 1.5.* * Improved OCR * Improved Error Checking * Automatic Bookmark Creation * Can refine ore when docked * More options than ever before * Enhanced Emergency Warpout Performance * Ability to scale speed and performance to your computers speed * Can skip belts already being mined or with NPCs ~From Ripperjack Old 1.5.8 Changelogs This latest version includes: Dominion 1.1.1 Compatibility New statistics! It now calculates and keeps track of: Overall m3 mined Average m3 mined per round! New hot keys! ---Graceful termination using Ctrl+z now is on a toggle. Pressing Ctrl+Z again will turn off graceful termination. ---Pressing Ctrl+M will now toggle a tooltip listing your current statistics! This lets you see things such as number of rounds, the new m3 statistics, and the other statistics that were previously available. New Module! The Ability to permanently run your tank! (See further details below!) Permanent Tank Please note, that you DO NOT WANT TO USE THIS IF YOU ARE NOT CAP STABLE! Now included under the "Fighter Module Settings" is the option to actively, and permanently run the tank. You should not use this option if you aren't cap-stable. This is mainly for those that want to run their hardeners and the repair module, because they are in risk for suicide ganking. If the situation gets too hot, it will still logoffski as this change doesn't have anything to do with the emergency warp off. Cap stability is important for your tank, and to keep your mining lasers running. If you aren't cap stable, it will still work, just not worth it. You will miss out on laser cycles, and your tank will die. Prolly when you need it the most. A good example of a perma tank on the Hulk would be 1 small shield booster and 1 invulnerability. This should be cap stable. If you intend to short cycle your strips, keep in mind that if you cut them in half (90 second cycle) you will need 1.1 cap/s and if you cut that into thirds (60 second cycle) you will need 1.6 cap/s. These values reflect per strip, so a hulk with 90 second laser cycles will need 3.3 cap/sec buffer on your EFT numbers. Again, if you don't need this, then don't run it. You use this at your own risk. I will only be supporting actual bugs in the perma-tank options and not any issues reflecting actual tank or cap stability. If you have questions about tank, look around for a good fittings. Known Issues Current known issues: The chat windows will sometimes separate from each other and cover the PnP window. This has nothing to do with RR and is a bug of Eve itself. If your drones do not launch, you may need to launch them manually one time and then RR will take over without error next time. none Please if you run into a problem post it. Thanks everyone for being patient. Version History: Date 28/05/10 Release notes: - works with Tyrannis (auto login fixed, undock fixed, added auto-enter map mode) - integrated uri's anti-desync code (if clock exceeds MaxTripDuration x 3, restart EvE) - this is uri's work found at Thank you ! - removed BonusTime delta adjustment to enable a fully predictive triptime/warp out timing - this is very useful in crowded systems with premature popping roids which alter the BonusTime sufficiently that newb ships need double-warp to get to station (due to mining lasers activating second cycle just before warpout) Known issues: - Jamming NPC option seems no longer functional - no big deal for well equiped ships anyway - no clue if first-time automated setup still works - auto-login may not work with some older NVIDIA graphics cards (e.g. GeForce 6150SE) - seems that the NV driver applies some slight color alteration to the desktop and colors are perceived differently by PixelGetColor. This can be easily fixed, though. ----------------------------------------------- Date 09/02/10 Author: Ripperjack Old version: 1.5.8 build 4 New version: 1.5.8 build 5 -Replaced commondata path back to previous 1.5.5 temp path ----------------------------------------------- Date: 28/01/10 Author: pea Old version: 1.5.8 build 3 New version: 1.5.8 build 4 - Replaced images ----------------------------------------------- Date: 28/01/10 Author: pea Old version: 1.5.8 build 2 New version: 1.5.8 build 3 - Added license ----------------------------------------------- Date: 25/01/10 Author: pea Old version: 1.5.8 New version: 1.5.8 build 2 - Added #singleinstance force - Re-enabled trial account support - Disabled Windows classic theme warning - Removed , from ... button - Setup now applies graphics settings instead of requiring user to manually apply them - ^P::pause changed to ^p::pause - Added RoidRipper logo icon to executable - Deleted unneeded images from download ----------------------------------------------- For Vista/Window 7 users, YOU MUST BE USING CLASSIC THEME. Instructions to changing to classic theme: Quote: 1. Click Start and open the Control Panel. 2. Click Appearance and Personalization. 3. Click Personalization. 4. Click Theme. 5. Select the Windows Classic option from the drop down menu and click OK. Help instructions are inside the download named "RoidRipper Help.chm". Source is included in download. The following attachment is the same and exactly RAR archive from publicdemands(dot)co(dot)uk with the CCPL included in a text file name "license.txt". Verified by MD5. If you have any questions, please post here. Download at your own risk. The owners and administration of and the Heroic Studios and me are not responsible for any damges this program may create(whether physical or legal). If any administrators or moderators have any concerns about everything above, please feel free to PM me or directly edit this post. BY DOWNLOADING THE ATTACHMENT BELOW, YOU AGREED TO ACKNOWLEDGE TO THE TERMS OF CCPL AND YOU HAVE READ ALL TEXT ABOVE.
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