Selling  High End  Both Android/iOS RoE, C25, 200M+ Power, 1.4M T10 Troops, Gold DM, 1.8M Gems, VIP4

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    I'll sell my account. Unfortunately I'll be involved in a very time consuming project for my employer.
    The castle, heroes and tech are very well developed and it needs time to keep the level which I'll not have soon.
    Our Eden Sx8 season is over since Monday 06/19/22.

    All important facts are written here or you can see it in the pics.

    Army Breaker Maxed
    Son of Ragnar Skill 7 missing
    Avalanche Maxed
    Brave Maxed
    Bleeding Steel Maxed
    Living Saint Maxed
    Eidolon Maxed
    Sakura Skill 7 missing
    Jade Eagle Maxed
    Lawman Maxed
    Rozen Maxed
    Immortal Maxed
    Defender Skill 7 missing
    Ashen Verdict Skill 7 missing
    Spectral Reaper Maxed

    Warhammer Skill 6,7 missing
    Scarlet Reaver Skill 7,8 missing
    Valkyrie Maxed
    Hunk Maxed
    Immortal Guard. Maxed
    Desert Storm Maxed
    Peace Bringer Maxed
    Jade Rakshasa Skill 7,8 missing
    Iron Hand Maxed
    The Judge Maxed
    Heroine of Cou. Maxed
    North's Rage Maxed

    Castle Builder Skill 6,7,8 missing
    The Merchant Maxed
    Plague Doctor Skill 6 missing
    Royal D. Master Skill 5 missing
    Drill Sergeant Skill 5,6 missing

    Sir Roguelin Skill 5,6 missing

    VIP Level: 4
    Siege Master Level: 123
    Honor Specialization Level: 114
    Dragon Talents Level: 61
    T0 Dragon Level: 27

    Current Power: 206M

    There are around 7k more wisdom medals you can get by fragmenting purple heroes.
    Blue training heroes maxed for sure.

    Lofty Warrior Tech focused on Cavs.

    All high value buildings maxed, except 'Frost Dragon Lair' which will be Level 23 soon.
    The rest are some rss buildings and the 'Cellar' from VIP store which still can be maxed.
    Otherwise not many points for Tuesday's CoP left. Nevertheless 7 builders available.

    Permanent castle skin available, all Eden legion skins too.

    It's not necessary anymore but if desired 2 farms are available 4 free.

    Any other questions feel free to ask me.


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