Selling  Average  2014 Roblox ACCOUNT 2014 [ 6k worth of items and catching snowflake ]

Discussion in 'Roblox Accounts for Sale - Buy & Sell' started by Duxii, 3/29/22.

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  1. Duxii

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    What does it have & how old is it?
    - It has 6,000 worth of items
    - 1 Limited, value is estimated at 16,000
    - No warns / bans
    - Not verified
    - It was made in 2014

    Why do I wanna sell it?
    Well, ROBLOX in general is getting boring so I want to sell it as quickly as I can and also because I have to support my family with money since I wasted a lot of money to the account and can't seem to get them back except selling it on here, I'm also quitting ROBLOX so I don't have a reason to have it

    How much Is it worth?
    Well, the normal price for it is 225$ because 10,000 robux costs 100$ but I'm selling it for 150$ !
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