RK2 Shade 220 opifex (||AI23/30 || LE 62/70) + 165 MP (||AI 8 || LE 32/42)

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    A level 220 opifex shade in a nice Omni org on RK2. All expansions, 6 vet points, victory points 3224, pvp title Mirage. Have certain nodrops from pande: Burden of Competence Shoulderplates of Sabotage Gauntlets of Deformation Sleeves of Senseless Violence Cancer's Time-Saving Memory Helmet of Hypocrisy Cosmic Guide of the Pisces Cuirass of Obstinacy Sigil of Bahomet Libra's Charming Assistant (only missing the beast pants from beast) Full 300 Ofab gear (2 Ofab Viper Mk 6, back item, helmet and rest of armor gear. Nano uploaded, all Research Attunement Devices), full set 300 Xan Spirits. Various Albtraum items: Infused Ancient Nano Enhancer Ring of Sister Pestilence Masterpiece Ancient Defensive Bracer Modified Ancient Combat Bracer Perfected Infused Dust Brigade Bracer Masterpiece Ancient Bracer Infused Ancient Defender Ancient Defender Infused Ancient Vision Preservation Unit Xan items: Xan Defense Merit Board Base Xan Combat Merit Board Base Xan's Viral Belt Component Platform 2 Deceit of the Xan Stellar Shade Nanodeck Spirit's Signet of The Apocalypse 300 2 Piercing Skill NCU (6/6) 300 Memory NCU (6/6) And as said, full set 300 xan spirits completed. Dreadloch items: Enhanced Dustbrigade Combat Chestpiece Dreadloch Stab Guidance System Enhanced Safeguarded NCU Memory Unit (agil sense) Protected Safeguarded NCU Memory Unit Finished all questlines, got all nodrop rewards exept the AIPF nano, have some parts for one nano already (that includes the 5k absorb sleeve Sharl's Cybernetic Tattoo, Improved Hacked Medi-Blade, nanos etc) Other items worth mentioning: QL 282 Spear of Forbidden Ceremonies QL 296 + 290 Bloodlust Alien Combat Directive Controller In adition to this, theres some other toons on this account worht mentioning. Like a 165 Solitus MP, tweaked with symbs and gear to do some decent performance in pve. Im asking 250$ for this account. LOTS of hours behind this shade. Throw in an extra 130$ and get: QL 300 Combined Commando's Legwear QL 300 Combined Commando's Headwear QL 300 Combined Commando's Footwear Blood-Soaked Cloak of Dishonour Imbued Globe of Clarity Slippers of Screaming Modified NotuComm Mesh Trenchcoat. This is optional, but you need to hurry! Bump if your interested!!!
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