RK2: 220 Enforcer Omni AI23+ High pvp title

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    Account on Rk2 with a perfect enfo. (Omni) The 220 enfo is AI level 23+ and has a high title pvp.... More than Neophyte... Enfo has... -Gaily Painted Hood (yeah i got lucky...) -COmbined Mercenary's QL 300 modified Headwear -Almost full T3 / Full OTAF (with Tank) / Full azure -APF Belt / 1 Zod Belt / 2 Zod NCUs and many other goodies -QL 280 symbiants equiped (!!!) -LE Sword QL 300 equipped -Scorpio's shell of change -All the garden keys up to Inferno Sanctuary. (Yes I said all) -All the items u need to pvp (Hacked symbio graft: Detain suspect, feet of stone... etc.. Blind ring... and many others) -All the nanos (up to 220 ones). All the perks you need to dmg. -39 research maxed. ...And many other things. Many twink items everywhere, even if u dont have anything to twink coz I did all /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif I'm asking 300 USD via Paypal. Would like to sell it to a correct person, so email me at [email protected]
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