RK1 TL7 Account - Full (Quitting Game) - Read For Entire Listing!! - SOLD

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    I've provided specific items of interest on each character, along with other information, specific to each character. I've also provided the AUNO Configs to show what will be on each character upon purchase. Most toons are partially stripped, except for the 150 S10 Fixer - it's fully equipped and ready to be used. Also note that the 220 Adventurer has full Alpha Symbiants and a 292 Exterminator Ocular Enhancement. The account is as listed below: span> - auno.org/ao/equip.php?saveid=143273 AI 24 LE 42 21 IP Reset Points IP optimized for PvP (i.e. can use Lava Caps, etc.) ~3400 Tokens span> - auno.org/ao/equip.php?saveid=143276 AI 19 LE 41 17 IP Reset Points 1 Full IPR IP optimized for PvP, nanoskills maxxed for versatility 1039 Tokens "Experienced" Legendary PvP Title 150 Advanced Experience Construct/Experience Construct span> - auno.org/ao/equip.php?saveid=143275 AI 13 LE 40 ~1040 Tokens ~40+ APF (4m/10 Tokens) Bounties Essentially perfect setup to solo S10, with a couple buffs needed. PvP with MBC IP setup) - auno.org/ao/equip.php?saveid=143016 AI 11 LE 38 21 IP Reset Points IP mostly configured, some holes present - 1.5m IP left 100 Advanced Experience Construct/Experience Construct span> of the nanos they need to reach this potential (except the Fixer which doesn't have Fgrid), and have completed most of the applicable quests. All (except the 74 trader) have done Bazzits, etc. I left the 150 Fixer fully equipped, and untouched, in an effort to provide an aid into building the account again. The only reason I stripped many of the characters was because otherwise they would have made the "price" of the account rather high. Almost every character comes with more or less a bank full of buffing items and armor (everything, in many QLS ~10-250ish, from Miys to RK dyna to SL rings, almost all buffing RK guns - there's 2 chapmans floating around somewhere). Also, regarding the Adventurer and Martial Artist who are stripped, I will provide backpacks of symbiants and miscellaneous items to help rebuild them - I originally planned on selling them, but just don't have the time. If you have any specific questions, please PM me and we can discuss. If needed, I can provide people who will speak on my behalf, in regards to my trustworthiness in selling. <span style="font-weight: boldAt the moment I will be looking for offers and will accept the first reasonable one I receive. I will only accept PayPal transactions in USD, not AO credits or trades since I am quitting.
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