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    I'm just gonna cut to the chase here, as the title might suggest I have a rather wide array of items for sale. I'm not gonna sit here and post prices for everything, get ahold of me, tell me what you want, and we'll work out a price. So without anymore introductory stuff: Current stock: AI Armor – All sets are at exact QL listed, no variations whatsoever: (TL7) QL 300 CC – Sets. QL 300 CM – Sets. (TL5) QL 225 CC – Set. QL 205 CM – Set. QL 205 CS – Set. (TL2) QL 30 CSS – Set. QL 30 CM – Set. Misc Equipment – Unless otherwise noted, only one of any given item for sale: Imbued Globe of Clarity – 3 in stock. Robust Backpack The Pioneer Backpack QL 298 Ring of Divine Teardrops (still max benefits) Living Dragonflesh Body Armor QL 300 Foot Implant: Evade Close/Heal Delta/Add All Def. Extreme Low Light Targeting Scope QL 247-250 Platinum Filigree Rings – IM for more information. Consumable Items–I prefer to deal in thousands, and will not deal in less than hundreds: Lava Capsules Credits: 1b – One lump sale please, You can reach me in reasonable Central US times on Google Talk or at [email protected] and [email protected] respectively. If I'm online but afk, leave a message via IM or email me, I'll get back to you in a reasonable fashion. Regarding trust issues, talk to me and we'll work something out, you will be dealing with a bank character housed in the ICC assembly hall (doorway on the southern side of ICC). Please keep in mind again, all items and credits are RK1. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to IM or email me, preferably directing emails to the account.
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