RK1 ao account with 220 soldier 220 doc 217 shade and a lot more

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    Im selling my 5 years old ao account with the following: 220/ai 27/le 67 soldier (ql300 CSS sleevesx2/pants/boots on ..ql300 ofab ..2.5k token board ..all the endgame hud items and ncu`s ...i got 4xql300 symbs on the rest are ql250-290..you got all the social items from pande on him ..like Burden/Pads/helm from beast) 220 ai 20/le 65 doctor (all the ql300 symbs in but head/ear and l-arm..all the endgame huds/ncus ...ofab + db1/db2 armors ) 217 ai 18 le 50 shade (Ql300 CC sleevesx2/pants/boots ql300 ofab /decent spirits/huds ) 173 ai 14 Agent (Tl5 twink with ql225 CSS sleevesx1/gloves/pants/boots ...GPH ..1k tokens /persisting symbs ...s10 huds + ofab cobra mk6 and sps ..250 ofab chest on ..225 ofab sleeve ..2xIGOCS !) 170 ai 14 MA (stripped ..ex tl5 twink) 174 ai 17 NT (semi stripped ...playable ..ex twink) 85 ai 9 Enf (tl3 twink ..stripped ..ex twink) All the toons have endgame weapons for theyr lvl (xept the ones i said they are stripped) you got some cash too like 200 mil ..all the items worth around 8-10b ingame ! PS : All the toons are omni and with good reputation in game ! Biding will last 3-4 days ..starting from 300 euros for EU or 400$ for US !(poyment options ...Western Union ONLY)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.