[RK1] 4 level 220 Characters, 2 TL5 toons, 1 Account

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    Hello everybody, I am selling a great Anarchy Online RK 1 Account wich holds lots of great characters. This account has been played for lots of years and has collected alot of love and tons of work. span> The Account is holding the following characters and Items: span> level: 220 / AI: 20+ / LE: 60+ This character is fully endgame geared and was made for hardcore pvp. auno.org/ao/equip.php?saveid=130497 He also has the APF Hot Nano -------------------------------------------------------------- span> level: 220 / AI: 20+ / LE 60+ This Characters is on the best way to be fully endgame geared and was made fr dealing lots of damage. auno.org/ao/equip.php?saveid=130496 He also has both APF nano's -------------------------------------------------------------- span> level: 220 / AI: 15+ / LE: ??? =/ This Character is actualy stripped since I didnt made it to get em uber for tl 7 stuff. -------------------------------------------------------------- span> level: 220 / AI: 15+ / LE: ??? =/ This character is actualy stripped too. -------------------------------------------------------------- span> level: 170 / AI: 11+ / LE: maxed This character was made for TL5 pvp and still needs stuff to be done. He is holding a ql 265-267 Combined Mercenary Set and has the most of his Symbiants ready so far. -------------------------------------------------------------- span> level: 150 / AI: 10+ / LE: maxed This character was made for Sector10 and is actualy stripped since sector 10 is more then dead :x -------------------------------------------------------------- span> about 1,6b in Creditz QL 300 Ability Implant Set QL 250 Ability and Treatment Implant Set Lots of TL 7 Twink Items, like VTE's, Guns, ETCETC QL 300 Ofab Shark and Dshark. Some Chosen Soldier, Fixer, Enforcer Stuff. Some Ofab Soldier Stuff. TNH Blue and Yellow Belt. TNH Red Belt equipped on fixer Masterpiece Ancient Bracer on Agent and Fixer Beast Helmet on Enf, Sol, and Fixer Beast Shoulder on Sol and Enf Bots for 1 QL 300 CC piece About 1-2k CRU's Inferno Ring on Soldier, Fixer and Agent Just to name the most known items wich i remember from the top of my head. The account also has tons of various other items. -------------------------------------------------------------- All characters do also have a good reputation and are member on all endgame bots, for the public raids. They are also holding still a few points wich you can use for public raid loot. This account has NO Burden of Competence at all. I were always to lazzy to farm one :x -------------------------------------------------------------- I havent played this Account for a long time, and i hope to find a new and proud owner for this great account. The account will also run out in a few weeks, but I might throw in a month. I'm asking $500 for this account, I've spend endless hours farming for what the account has. ( No I DONT SELL items from the account separately ) Without a doubt, one of the best fixer in the game, if not the best at all. [​IMG] span> You can also have a chat with me on or ICQ. But I will only hand out my contact infos to people with a good reputation or someone I know well enough. The Final buyer will also get the auno.org info for the TL5 enforcer to see what's left to do, to make the TL5 Enfo pwning. In this case, I hope to find a new owner for this account. !Cheers SerialKiller Edit: You can also make a offer for the account if it is a serious offer. Edit2: I also sell this account only to people with a good rep
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