[RK 1/Clan] 220 Opi MA - 215+ Opi Advy + Alts

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    Hey, i posted to sell my account a lil while ago like a few weeks and then decided i was gonna continue to play AO so i marked it as sold and asked the admins to delete the post etc but as of late regarding RL problems and just the lack of time to play anymore i'm gonna go ahead and relist the account for sale. and the only reason i'm usin a new spamsite account is because i couldnt remember my login info for the other one :p anyways this is a 'Great' Account.. it has all expansions ofcourse and some Veteran Points. The Main on the account is a 220/23+/60+ Clan OpiSex Martial Artist.. and this MA is definitely almost completely finished.. let me explain Specs 1-4 Finished Penumbra Garden Key Inferno Garden/Sanctuary Keys All Nano's Ingame (even both APF Nanos's!!) Almost Finshed with Pandemonium - (Have almost All Twinking Armor besides Burden and a couple TNH Belts but Treatment/Comp lit Hud items, +25 Treatment Gloves, +25 Intel/Psy Gloves etc) Completely Finished with Albtraum - (Masterpiece Ancient Bracer - Infused Ancient Defender - Infused Ancient Vision Preservation Unit - regular Ancient Defender - and all Rings Completely Finished with the Alien Playing Fields (APF) - (Alpha & Beta Nano's, Upgraded APF Belt, and Inferno/Penumbra Protection Ring (its already in signet form from Xan upgrade) Completely Finished with Xan Booster Pack!! - (ALL Beta's including all NoDrop's, Stellar NanoDeck, Master's Signet Ring (it Heals 33% of your total HP and 50% of your Nano.. it's by far the best individual item MA's have got in years), Both Combat/Defense Boards and Both Belt Upgrades smile Completely Finished with DustBrigade! - (Quest is done ofcourse, all twinking armor from the instances.. Sleevesx2/L/Combat Chest/Comp Lit Gloves etc etc oh and ofcourse the Perfected Infused DustBrigade Bracer (VERY Uber Item) oh and All NCU's including Psy/Int,Agi/Sense,Stam/Str and Evade/AAD NCU) All Inner Sanctum Items - (Corrupted Flesh, MOTR, Blind Ring, Fist of the Dominator) Completely Finished with Alaapa - (Finished Penumbra Quest nano which ends in Alaapa and also Superior Icy Brawn Pads) he's very well setup for PVM and PVP and as for Miscellaneous Phatz.. DreadLoch Shen Sticksx2 Aquarius's MultiTask Calculator (+2% Crit) DreadLoch Sniper's Friend (+5% Crit) QL 300 Penultimate Ofab Pants Cosmic Guide of the Pisces (+1% Crit and 22 MA/Evade/Phys. Init) So as you can see.. this MA is ready to go smile and completely stacked. The Main Alt on the account is a 215+/10+/55+ Adventurer, he still has some work to be done for sure but you cant ever go wrong with an ADV in AO, they will forever be the games LoveChild smile as far as his items go.. Penumbra/Inferno Garden Key's Has some Xan Symbs (NoDrop's and YesDrop's) Has his Gem for his Signet ring from 12m already Ancient Vision Preservation unit from Albtraum and Rings Has some Pandemonium Items etc and is setup to be Ranged at the moment, considering the recent significant boost to Ranged Adv's (new UBER UBER AS pistol and change from 100% to 80% Defense Check on Ranged perks which make them ALOT easier to land) There are also some other toon's on the account including a T5 Semi twink, with some costly nano's and nice nodrop twinking gear etc.. so anyways i think you got the just of it, so if your interested send me an email and we can negotiate a price, im NOT interested in trades.. nor ingame credits.. i'm only looking for $$ and from verified PAYPAL user's.. i have no intention of anything shady what so ever.. everything i've said is on the account, is on the account.. So if your interested, email me at [email protected] and we can negotiate a deal, and best deal will get it.. i'm lookin to sell asap P.S. for a lil extra i can throw in 500m creds
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