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    This is an auction for an account with a level 48 Kelari Cleric on the server Rocklift - US (PvE). Looking for $65 via US Paypal. The character contains the following: Key: Purple = Epic Item Blue = Rare Item Green = Uncommon Item White = Regular Item Currencies: - x 30+ platinum - x 8762 Planarite - x 1 Runecrafter's Plaque - x 235 Artisan's Mark Gear (equipped): - 14 pieces of blue gear - 3 pieces of green gear Bags: - Collector's Satchel 24 slot bag - Collector's Edition! - Ice Pine Satchel (Blue) 18 slot bag - Silen Bag x 3 (Green) 14 slot bag - 4 Bank slots unlocked, each with a Silken Bag in it Trade Skills: -300 Grandmaster Runecrafter Could have leveled this guy to 50 and leveled another seperate toon to high 30's with time it took to level to 300 Runecrafter. Highest you can go. -245 Master Outfitter -253 Master Butchering Mounts: Ancient Tartagon +60% speed mount - Collector's Edition! Vanity Pets: Shiny Li'l Trinket Stone Egg - Collector's Edition! __________________________________________________ ______________________ This account also has all of it's souls unlocked (except for the pvp soul) and has 3 out of 4 roles (dual-specs) unlocked. Thanks for viewing!
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