Proposing Remove "event" word from the banned word list

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by QLC, 11/14/20.

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    Hi! I have a problem sometimes when I write messages in the forum, the word "ҽvent" is automatically changed to "playerup". I don't know why, as this word is not a bad thing and I not found any site to sell accounts which is named "ҽvent".

    The "ҽvent" word is important for games, as the ҽvents are very common in the games, the special missions, special days, common celebrations, frequent special happenings, occasions, occurrences, affairs, there are several words to say the same, but any word better than "ҽvent", which is a very common thing in the games inside the natural essence of a game, so I don't know why is included in the banned word list.

    Also I found that the word "discounŧ" also is in the banned word list, when is an important word for the sellers, as maybe you have some accounts or services to sell and you want make a discounŧ if the buyer buys for example 2 accounts, 5 accounts, 20 accouns, something very common on people who sell Gmail accounts or Apple IDs, for example, then is not possible use that word and is needed say things like "special offer" or others, which at the end is the same.

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