[Release] [GMS v176.3] Terminal - Advance Automated Trainer (Grand Release)

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    Game Killer proudly presents Terminal; an advanced VIP MapleStory trainer that aims to ease your botting experience. With Terminal you will be able to bot for extended periods of time without having to interact with MapleStory yourself. Everything, from changing maps when you reach certain levels, to buying your pots or pet food when you run out or even selling your equips are automated.

    Terminal will remain a free trainer until further notice. All suggestions and feedback are greatly appreciated

    Feature list:

    How to use:
    Remove any bypass .DLL file from your MapleStory folder before using as this trainer has a built in bypass
    Download the follow ZIP and extract it into your MapleStory folder
    Download GKGateway from the following thread - game killer . ne t/threads/gkgateway-required-for-use-of-game killer-exclusive-releases.3246757/
    Read all the instructions then sign into the program with your Game Killer account
    Tick Terminal and click load cheat
    You must wait until the cheat is fully loaded before opening MapleStory

    Hacking guide:
    This hacking guide focusses on the more advanced features included in Terminal.

    Please post all your questions, sugggestions, and feedback below. Do not private message staff member for help.

    Thank you

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Thread Status:
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