Selling  High End  Both Android/iOS Realm16 C26 Spellcaster Castle Top10 Rank

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    Castle: C26
    Main Hero: Alexander(584k bp) Red 1 Martel 367 bp TEAL 4 NOBUNAGA 334 bp
    Main Spells: Chain lv10, flash lv10, zeus lv3, blizzard lv8, Rock Spike lv2, magic arrow lv9, full shield lvl3, pray lvl3, burning heart lvl3, gaia field lvl3
    Troops: Phantom red 2, Death turquoise 1, Ragdoll red 1, Vampirered 1, skeleton red 4, corpse eater red 1 others teal and lower
    Main Gear: full purple sets ; Elemental Rage lv9 , Elemental dance lvl 9, last honor 8, icarus boots , icarus dagger 9, last sacrifice 9,
    alot of purple materials ready to be fused to new purple gear and alot of blue gears that needs to be lvl 10. some are close some are not to lvl 10
    Main gems: a bunch of blue jewels like cosmic jewel, spell resist, commander and so on and many green/white jewels
    Hero enhanchment: gold 2 lvl 50 with 58of 85 cards currently

    Castle is well developed not just rushed. tech is extremly military focused and good advanched. overall good decisions and early planning making the account holding alot of stuff ready for next big upgrades like alot of purple and blue material and blue gears, ect.

    Price: 800$

    for more information and screenshots contact me on line: Id= fatih.g
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