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    Insane Powerlevel packages Lv1-14 0.5 days 12.50 $ Lv14-20 0.5 days 12.50 $ Lv20-25 1 day 25.00 $ Lv25-30 1.5 days 37.5 $ Lv30-35 3.5 days 87.50 $ Lv35-40 4.5 days 112.50 $ Lv40-45 7 days 175.00 $ Lv45-47 4 days 100.00 $ Lv47-49 6 days 150.00 $ Lv49-50 4 days 100.00 $ Lv1-20 1 days 25.00 $ Lv1-30 3.5 days 87.50 $ Lv1-30 11.5 days 287.50 $ Lv1-50 32.5 days 812.50 $ hi above are our prices for powerlevel in aion 1. we are not chinese or asian farmers we live in europe 2. our company is fairly new and is based in the uk 3. all our players have experince in aion since closed beta and the powerlevel is 100% manuel reason for starting this company was because 99% of the chinese gold farming companys are using bots to level the customers chars even tho they say they dont ive hade 3 charcters banned due to this so me and few freinds have got together to get service up for european players we will treat you how we would like to be treated there wont be anything hidden and you will get 1 to 1 conversation with your powerleveler so if u dont want your char to be lvled by a half brained chinese farmer then choose us we promise it will be your best choice Powerlevel service is only European players and we do not wish to provide northamerican aion powerlevel please PM me if you have any question we will start to take in orders but they will processed on the 21 decemeber 2009
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