Sold Ready for Upgrade, 1.6M TCP, 215k STP

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    Beta account that has been played every day since launch; extremely high-powered roster, top of Arena shard, Top 5 Alliance with a 1st Place finish in Raid Season. Will continue to play the account 100% until sold. Spend your money on this account that has lots of potential rather than another that's difficult to rank up.
    Account highlights include:
    • GotG: 195k with Thanos, 9 red stars
    • Shield: 178k Fury plus minions, 15 red stars and another 4 on Trooper
    • Defenders: 154k with Punisher, 12 red stars
    • Avengers: 189k, with 11 red stars
    • Stars: 30 Characters at 7 Stars, a few need gold to upgrade.
    • Ability Materials: 1,000 Oranges, 6,200 Purples, and too many blues and greens.
    • Training Modules: 12,412,500 units
    • Power Cores: Account comes with more than 7,000 Power Cores.
    • Raids: Easily one-shots nodes in Ultimus Raid VI
    • Stark Tech: Level 11, Skill and Tech maxed, Bio, Mystic and Mutant 3 of 5 categories maxed. 6,000 Stark Tech available.
    • Alliance: I could introduce you to a group on Discord with 6 alliances where you could find an alliance to fit your playing style but I can't promise they'll hang on to you, especially if you can't keep up with the fast pace required to stay on top.
    I'm happy to answer any and all questions about the account, provide screenshots, etc; just contact me on Discord: Chick Bowdrie#4042.

    I've invested countless hours into this game to enjoy the benefits of being in a great alliance. Those hours will translate into huge increases in the roster if you're interested in investing in Gold. I can link this account to a Facebook account of your choice, a neutral account is fine.
  2. KriegCL

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    Hello there,I'm interested in your stock :D

    More details we can talk on Skype/discord.
    [email protected]

    AOA WTB#9618

    Easier and faster i think XD
    will reply you asap
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