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    Hello everyone! I took advantage of the recent 14 day trial for AoC, returning after playing since early release. Anyway, I would like a second account now. What I have: 80 Troll Rogue with 450 skinning/first aid/cooking/fishing and 330 LW. I am dual specced for pve/pvp. I have good daggers for Mutilate spec and an Ulduar 10 OH for combat. He has a good bit of gear from Ulduar. All char customizations and open and transfer is ready. Has epic flying and the Bronze drake from timed CoS. Also has the black war Kodo. Currently about 2200g on the account as well. Game time expired yesterday, for the right account I'll pay for a months play time. There are also some alts, most notably are a 30 hunter and an 11 ish mage that has the BoA shoulders. What I'm looking for: I prefer casters, my main is a ToS and I've started a 50 Ranger so those classes are lowest on my list. Necro or Demo would be my first choices, followed by Assassin and DT I suppose. The char must be 80 and very well geared, multiple chars in the 80 or high 60+ range are preferred. It would also be great if they were on Ironspine or still have their free server move available. Here is a link to the rogues current gear. mywowarmory/profile.php?id=128704 Post here before contacting me or you will be ignored. I will be on AIM all day, but will be in and out so just leave your message. I'm in no hurry to trade this account as it is very nice, so I will not just be jumping on the first offer I see. You must have rep here in one form or another, if you think about scamming me don't. I may not get my account back if scammed but you will never play it either. AIM roguegamer73
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