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    Bear Shaman Lvl 80 Male PvP 5 Max Alchemy with some rare recipes including Ironswill. Max gathering. Swift mount, snow mammoth Full PvP gear. Stonesplitter hammer. T2 Chest, l, arms, boots and bracers. Eye of the watcher necklace and 2 energetic bands plus other stuff Necromancer Lvl 80 Male PvP 4 Max gathering. Swift mount. All PvP gear (up to PvP 4). Lemurian Firestick, Rod of Righteous Might. T2 Chest and Armbands. Culture demo shoes, gloves, belt. Culture Necro helm. Best culture rings and necklace (dreamers keepsake and I forget the name of the necklace) Also has epic necklace from Iron tower (Amulet of Orastes). Swift mount. Guardian Lvl 80 Male PvP 2 Max gathering. Max gemcutter with rare recipes 4-5 rare recipes. Max Armorsmith with a few city recipes and Demo culture main set (this is how I made all my gold) as well as recipes for culture rings and necklaces. Almost full T1/T2 Armor. The Herald of Blight Epic Polearm, Gargoyle Masters Demise epic sword T1 Ranger shield (better then every shield in the game except the T2 ranger shield). Swift mount. Ranger Lvl 80 Male PvP 1 Max gathering (I think) Architect but never leveled it. Nothing special about his gear other then Cusp of Heavens bow and whatever the epic world drop arrows are called. He does hold a T2 Guild City that is ready for a T3 keep (meaning it has all the T2 buildings). Swift mount. Priest of Mitra Lvl 80 Male PvP 1 Almost full T1 including Shield and Tome. Swift mount. Assassin Lvl 69 Male PvP 1 nothing special here Demonologist Lvl 59 Female Almost PvP 2 excellent twink gear Barbarian Lvl 58 Female PvP 2 Excellent twink gear Herald of Xotli Lvl 25 Female Almost PvP 2 Excellent twink gear Dark Templar Lvl 24 Male nothing special here Conquerer Lvl 1 Male never played this toon, I just reserved a name for the upcoming expansion with the asian theme. The name is Blucereroy [​IMG] The account has well over 700 gold possibly close to 800 gold and enough veteran tokens on each character to get swift mounts when they reach the proper level. One of the lowbies already has a swift mount (I didn't know you can't use them until you're lvl 80 at the time). I looked into the cost of gold and it looks like its goin for about $50 per 100 so theres almost $400 worth of gold on the account. The T2 city is worth 150G if not more shouldn't be hard to sell so thats getting close to $550 before you even include the characters and gear/goodies. I'm asking $500. If anyone is interested the fastest way to reach me is via email at [email protected] I'll also be checking back here from time to time. Thanks for your interest.
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