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Discussion in 'Anarchy Online Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Anarchy, 9/30/13.

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    I have three accounts I am trying to get rid of.Made a repost to present new prices and more information.I want to get rid of them as I have no use for them. First account is a MP Female Nanomage 150/0/0 on RK1.Has shades of Lubrication some symbs and can self cast all moochies and CI.Purely a buffbot or powerlevel toon. 350 mill creds on RK2 or 400 mill creds on RK1. Second account is a 153/5/20ish Doctor Human male on RK2.Stripped with some lower level alts.But has ONE YEAR OF PLAYTIME (1/19/2011)Which by itself is a 170ish USD value.Will take half the price of that in creds. 800 mill creds on RK1 or 750 mill creds on RK2. Third account is a 174/11/60 NT.Female Nanomage on RK1.Account is stripped(has ado brain)!Was once a TL5 twink.Has normal name all nano's for level including Nanobot Shelter.Has a high solo PvP title and low alien deaths.She is clan.I used her mostly as an Ely kiter and made hundereds of millions of creds and is highly respected for kiting ablities.Great rep not banned from any bots,been inactive for over a year just reactivated but only has a few days left if any on account.Has all expansions.Also a 150 trox soldier on account. 250 million creds on RK2 or 300 mill on RK1. I have traded and sold quite a few accounts on here and I am as honest a man as you could meet.You can rest assured everything I have wrote is true and that once you purchase accounts you can have zero worry of recall.Do not mind giving you personal information if it makes you more comfortable. Thanks for reading and send a PM if interested.
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