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    Hello spamsite, I have for sale a secure level 50 asmodian sorcerer original owner with all info for sale on kaisanel. Gametime is paid through Nov 30, 2009. A Top Ranked Soldier with over 130,000 Abyss Points For Your Spending! Here are all of the items of value on the account: Total Account Value- 65m Gear Value - 20m Kinah - 8.5m 12 Gold Medal - Market Value: 8m 6 Silver Medal - Market Value: 2m Stigma - Available - Market Value: 10m Boon of Quickness I Fire Burst II Curse of Weakness II Barrier of Severance I - Equipped Wind Cut Down IV Curse of Roots I Lumiel's Wisdom I Ice Sheet II Zikel's Wisdom I - Advanced Stigmas Supplication of Focus I Summon Rock I Flame Spray I 3k Stigma Shards Abyss Points - 130k AP - 20k Worth of AP hand in items Fluxes - Market Value: 15m - Weapon Flux - White 20 Fine Weapon Flux 35 Superb Weapon Flux 9 Premium Weapon Flux - Green 10 Worthy Major Weapon Flux 4 Worthy Fine Weapon Flux 9 Worthy Superb Weapon Flux 5 Worthy Premium Weapon Flux - Blue 1 Expert Superb Weapon Flux 2 Expert Premium Weapon Flux - Armor Flux - White 39 Fine Armor Flux 43 Superb Armor Flux 17 Armor Flux - Green 3 Worthy Major Armor Flux 3 Worthy Fine Armor Flux 9 Worthy Superb Armor Flux 4 Worthy Premium Armor Flux - Blue 1 Expert Major Armor Flux 1 Expert Premium Armor Flux - Accessory Flux - White 29 Fine Accessory Flux 50 Superb Accessory Flux 23 Premium Accessory Flux - Green 1 Worthy Major Accessory Flux 7 Worthy Fine Accessory Flux 7 Worth Superb Accessory Flux 9 Worthy Premium Accessory Flux - Blue 1 Expert Premium Accessory Flux - Gold 1 Master Premium Accessory Flux Balaur Items - Market Value: 10m - Green 3 Wrathful Will 5 Wrathful Ego 5 Terrifying Will 8 Terrifying Ego 2 Violent Will 2 Tough Balaur meat 12 Hard Balaur Horn 3 Hard Balaur Scale 1 Hard Balaur Skin 2 Hot Balaur Blood Stain 24 Tend Balaur Meat 35 Solid Balaur Horn 38 Solid Balaur Scale 35 Solid Balaur Skin 69 Boiling Balaur Blood Stain 58 Fresh Balaur Meat 8 Hot Balaur Heart - Blue 2 Maddened Wrathful Will Manastones - Market Value: 5m - White 500+ Level 50 Stones - Green 100+ Level 50 Stones Platinum Coins - Market Value: 10m 469 Platium Coins 17 Demon's Eyes *The Market Values are all conservative values and are based on current market price on my server. Mind you the higher level fluxes and balaur items will skyrocket in value once players are all level 45+ as they are required for high level quests and crafting. SERIOUS OFFERS/INQUIRIES ONLY BUYOUT PRICE: $625.00 USD - Total account kinah value is over $400 (Mind You a 1-50 PL alone is over $650.00)
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