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    Hello, I have an account up for auction with a $300.00 (USD) starting bid and $500.00 buyout. If you have any questions to ask, please post them right here in this thread.


    This is both a Gamestop pre-order and collector's edition account which is paid for until January 22, 2010! -Main character is a female level 50 Elyos templar on the Zikel server. -449 cooking and 399 alchemy. -399 vitality gathering and 399 aether gathering. -3 piece Miragent and 1 piece Anuhart Templar. -The rest of the gear is level 44-50 greens, blues and golds and a level 35 gold greatsword. -Over 35 million kinah. -All death expenses already fully paid for. -All inventory and warehouse space expanded. -Thousands of the best consumables and crafting materials ready for use. -Currently legionless. -Abyss rank is Soldier, Rank 1. -Has the following stigmas: Terrible Howl I, Divine Fury I, Inescapable Judgement I, Bodyguard I, Break Power III, Unwavering Devotion I, Aether Armor I, Provoking Roar V, Siegebreaker II, Holy Shield III, Power of Restoration II, Divine Justice I, Magic Smash I, Incite Rage IV, Empyrean Fury I. -Has all but last stigma slot unlocked. About ? finished the final quest. -There are also numerous level 10 alts which act as extra storage space and allow for more items to be placed on the broker. As a bonus, you get a Lineage II account which is tied to the Aion account via the NC Soft master account! -Main character is a female level 75 silver ranger who has her subclass quest finished but no subclass selected. -In full Majestic Leather armor with a mix of A and B-grade jewelry and top B-grade weapon. -Millions of adena and should have over 100 million after selling unneeded items in the warehouse. -Owns all chronos from C1-C4 and a wedding dress. -Has no PKs and a sin eater. -Alts include a female level ~60 soul breaker, a female level 20+ bounty hunter with her own guild as well as some other miscellaneous alts. The soul breaker and bounty hunter are both well geared.. -A high level hatchling has also been raised. -Account has been inactive for a long time and all characters are in limbo because of a server merge. Both the Aion and Lineage II accounts have a clean history since they were never used to exploit or bot. I'm also the original owner of both accounts. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

    Here's a link to the website it's being featured on. Also, here's a higher quality version of the screen shot featured on the auction site.
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