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    The time has come for me to finally walk away. I have the following accounts and items up for sale. I'm looking to move everything at once. Post on this thread or send me a message. You can also look me up on Skype through the name Retired Rappelz of follow this link: Join conversation

    +25 175 Helm Max awakening

    +23 4 Slot 175 Armor 266.7 Macc 950.7 Max HP

    +22 3 Slot 175 Cyclone Lord Blessing Boot 298.1 Patt 10 Cast Speed 6.2 Attack Speed

    +22 3 Slot 175 Cyclone Lord Blessing Glove12 Block Per 15.2 Movement Speed

    +25 170 2 Hand Mace 112 Macc Awakening

    Santa Beard

    Big Yak Skin Bag (11k weight) x3

    Expert Bag

    Emblem with 17 Crit Power 44 Macc

    Santa Hat 13.6 Crit Power

    Primal Commander Chest

    Santa Glove 13.2 Crit Power

    Santa Show 14.1 Crit Power

    Luminous Wings Physical

    Valentine Cloak

    Xmas Victory Cloak

    Yushiva Necklace Spirit +5K Air +479.8 Pdef 15 Crit Power awakening

    Yushiva Earring Spirit 56.2 Macc 17 Crit Power Awaening

    Yushiva Earring Spirit 69.8 Macc 14.7 Evasion 19 Crit Power Awakening

    170 Mortis Ring 44.99 Str 48.6 Macc 23.9 Crit Power with 17 Crit Power & 20 Macc Awakening

    170 Mortis Ring 50 Str 51.5 Macc 24.3 Crit Power with 13 Crit Power & 20 Macc Awakening

    +23 8 Slot Yushiva Belt

    S1 Ogre x 2

    S1 Mino

    S1 Drill

    S1 White Dragon

    Mephisto, Obsi, Hector Patt Boss cards equipped

    Yushiva, Draka Boss cards for HP build

    Feral Boar Rings with combinied 22 Crit Power Awakenings

    +24 perfect 170 2 hand staff

    +20 175 Mage wall

    4 Master Devotion Artifacts (2 used to be Monarch Artifacts)

    4 slot summoner armor

    Stage 5 182 Staff weilding Perfect Magus Ghost Knight Healer

    +22 8 slot Beneficial Gaia Belt

    Enhanced USA Cloak

    +10 level 10 chaos stone

    +8 BLeak Squall

    +7 Healing Gust Tectonic Spike Scorching Flame Explosion of Petrification Root of Mother Nature Shackle to the Ground

    Most of the rest are +6 with a few +5s for Skill cards

    2 1/2 months active Hidden Village

    10 1 day passes

    2 7 day passes

    +9 Brilliant Harmony card & 3 Dignity Pieces (Can make permanent Brilliant Harmony build)

    Character Transfer Scroll i n Item Box

    25 Impact Amp 10 Mirror Amps

    40 Return Feathers, 63 secret teleport feathers, 20 teleport feathers

    6 Creature Res Scrolls

    1 Each of enhanced str vit int wis savage rapid healthy spiritual pieces & 3 purified Allmighty pieces

    24 immorality soap

    943 Lucky Potions

    636 Animal Crackers

    1 Stamina Saver

    52 altered strength pieces & 117 Altered Dexterity pieces

    9 God mother bottles

    52 Refined Crystals

    47 Event Dark Cubes

    39 Halloween Candy Packs & 45 Halloween Cookie Packs

    40 Gladiator Honey bread, 23 Gladiator Honey Water

    3 Honey Bread, 2 Honey Water, 40 Special MP Potions

    3 Energy of Gold & 5 Enhanced Energy of Gold

    140 Energy of Wind, 29 Energy of Water, 14 Energy of Fire

    2210 Gladiator Wind 3645 Gladiator Quick 3732 Gladiator Spell potions

    4627 Vit 4679 Str 4069 Dex 2061 Agi 4120 Int 3528 Wis Gladiator Potions

    71 Pumpkin Candy & 314 Eyedrops

    Apprentice Knight loot pet x 2 & Evolution Primal Scream loot pet

    2 Death Tyrant buff pets

    3 Ancient Skill Cubes & 13 S-Pro

    1 Ancient R7 Strike Element

    Lots of Duplicate +5 skill cards several +6 duplicates and 1 +7 Bleak Squall & a few random other class cards +5 +6

    Summoning Scrolls : 1 Baph 2 Ogre 1 Undine 1 Mino 1 Betty magic 1 Lunacy Melee & 12 T-Pro

    396 Premium Stable passes, 14 Creature Name change, 1 Decrotive pet name change

    Transformation Potions : 202 Blue Pixie 354 Salamander 64 Avalanche 21 Siren 39 +50 Int Blue Pixie

    2 Pink Hair Dye, 3 Transmogrifying Charms, 42 Advanced Soul Cat, 1 Final Awakening Scroll

    2 Blessed power of change artifact, 1 scroll of restraint artifact, 32 Weapon & 32 Accessory Sealing Scrolls

    Eye patch of Harok, Bandit Mask, Mask of Crow Transmog to Black Hole

    286 Wizard 1 hand Shards, 166 Warrior 2 hand Shards, 60 Warrior 1 hand Shards, 1 Rage stone

    2 Black scale 1 white fabric, 364 white beads,426 black beads,420 gold beads

    Sprightly ilona ring with +32 movement speed additional awakening

    Items in the item box: Xmas Cloak, Hidden Avenger 2 of each amp 100 premium stable passes 9 Animal Crackers Tent
    Horseshoe 5 honey bread and water 2 lucky potion 2 summon feather

    Fresh Death Tyrant, 19 Fresh Golems,Fresh Undine,60 Evo 1 Koala,161 Koala,162 Gnoll buffer,perfect 150 Ranged Crusty S0,170 Ranged Ashmaw S0, 160 S0 Unicorn, 160 S5 Poultry!

    Homo Heart so you can pick what ever class you want. Since HoH is more then a rebirth it will be easy to trade for one if you wish to stay the same race.

    Buff slave accounts: 1 account has all buffers except Heaven. All slaves have all 3 pieces of PW gears for buffs. +20 R2 helms on slaves that can benefit from it. 2 separate Heaven slaves, one with full gear. All have at least a +5 skill card for each buff and there are a couple +6s

    Anything I forgot to list or missed is your gain =)

    Everything in BOLD Script can be traded

    There's some other random junk in wh etc and the slaves have some item box things as well. Main account comes with 2 level 10 guilds. One on Undine and one on Unicorn. It's over 250 bil to make a guild level 10. On Unicorn people chipped in but on Undine I did it pretty much myself. The only server you'd have to make a new guild at would be Betrayal. I'm sure after reading this item list you've figured out who I am. My loss of interest can be your gain. I'm looking to move everything at once. I'm aware that the value of many items has dropped from what it once was but please no low balling. Make your offers and help me finally break away from this game. Secure payment forms only and verification of funds will be required before anything account info is release. I'll even assist you with changing emails etc. Thanks for checking out my post and I look forward to turning all of this stuff over to the highest bidder.
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