Rank 6 pvp war (pvp server)

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    I am selling a rank6 pvp war current gear is - (head) Legionnaire's helm (shoulders) Legionnaire's shoulders (body) Legionnaire's breastplate (hands) Brigadier's gauntlets (waist) Brigadier's belt (l) Legionnaire's greaves (feet) Brigadier's Boot's (ring1) Mercenary's Insignia (ring2) Mercenary's Insignia (Neck) Seditionist Medallion (Trinket) Corrupted war trophy (Focus) lesser 1 - Sharp Crystal lesser 2 - Greater Scintillating Deathstone greater - Thunderous Stormsource greater - Scorched flamesource lesser 3 - Burning Spark lesser 4 - Spreading Disease (Weapons 2 handed) Brigadier's Great Sword Berserker Axe Mighty FleshReaper (Gun) Abyssal Musket (Shield) Resolute Bulwark (Weapons 1 handed) Legionnaire's Longsword Legionnaire's Longsword (Mount) Eldritch Vanguard Warsteed (pvp mount) 110% speed (Current stats on warfront PVP setup) champ/para/Void knight Glorofied in scion, rev or honored in every other pvp area. The account is a PVP monster. -27% incoming dmg from other players. Just need a little bit more time put into it but the hard grind is over. Only has like 1 plat. Has 4 roles and most every class is skilled up and payed for. All classe's for war are unlocked as well. Feel free to shoot me any questions and I will answer as soon as I can. I simply don't have time to play anymore due to new job so it has just been hangin out more or less. MAKE ME AN OFFER! I HAVE NO SET PRICE IN MIND, HIGHEST OFFER WILL TAKE IT WITHIN THE NEXT FEW DAYS! FEEL FREE TO MAKE OFFER IN HERE OR THROUGH PM AS WELL! Thanks for your time and good luck finding an account you want.
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