Sold R6 Diamond Steam Account Level 303 I 30+ gmae I full dlc I year pass

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    Discord ID : KsK#3689 for more

    Steam Account
    Rainbow six siege: W/L 1.2 K.D 1.1 Level:283
    Rank: para bellum: sliver
    grim sky: gold
    wind bastion: plat 3
    burnt horizon: Gold
    phantom sight: plat 3
    ember rize: plat 2
    shifting tides: plat 3
    void edge: plat 2
    steel wave: diamond
    shadow legeacy: plat 2
    Newo down : Dianmond 4650
    Crimson Heist : Plat Star
    Skin: from burnt horizon to now every skin has come in shop skin diamond
    Elite: Slege
    Pro league : jager twich goyo amaro ash Buck the old one
    Gem Stone: all of them
    year pass: 4
    battle pass : 1 va 2
    charm: 220
    skin universal: 39
    twitch prime : Old and New
    charm dream hack 10$
    pro league team: (mouse gaming vigil) (roge buck) (roge jager) (nora hibana) (intz twich) (g2 vigil) (faze ash) (navi doc)
    Black ice: MP7 (bandit) UMP (Pulse) handgun: P12 (jager) 5.7 USG (pulse) P9 (Doc) P226 MK 25 (mute)
    Full set lesion event hallowen headgear bandit uniform frost va kapkan
    legendary: ziad hastesh
    PUBG: Steam
    CSGO: Steam
    Friday The 13th: Steam
    Pay Day2: Steam
    GTA V: Steam
    Among Us: Steam
    Left For Dead 2: Steam
    Detiny2: Steam
    Dying Light Enhanced Edition : Steam
    Stick Fight: STEAM
    Warch_dogs 2: Uplay
    For Honor: Uplay
    Ghost Recon: Uplay
    Division: Uplay
    Rayman Legend: Uplay


    Discord ID : KsK#3689

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