Quitting AO/Selling OR Trading for WoW Stuff/x6 level 220's/LOOK Inside!!!!

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    Hello spamsite Dragon Shoppers/Traders. I have just bought myself a new copy of WoW and WoW Burning Crusade. My old guild all quit AO and some moved to WoW. So it's time for me to put my accounts up for sale or for trade. Please READ the whole thread!!! The Bottom list what I would be interested in trading for and droppable items I have to trade/sell like my Robust Backpack and 200 ELLT and credits etc... These are quick descriptions of my characters, contact me for full detailed descriptions, have to much characters. All characters are on RK1!! Account #1 (Loaded with Pande/Apf Gear) ------------------------------------------------------------------- 220/22+ Omni Atrox Agent This is my pride and joy. This agent has everything you'll ever need to PvM and especially PvP. This agents Evades with all his AAD (Add all defense) items is close to 2450 evades. Some of his gear includes Burden of Competence, QL 270 symbiants, QL 300 def implants, 2500k token board, Mystery of Pisces, Maar's Yellow Belt of Double Speed. Star of Stealth, Enthusiastic Spirit Helper of the Leo, Sagittarius's Hearty Spirit Helper, Capricorn's Relieable Memory, All agent rifles including HLOA/Cobra MK6, Almost a full set of beast armor including helmet/back/sleeve/helmet/chest etc... Has all the Garden keys, apf items, arul bracers, rings and a LOT more pande/zod/beast items not listed. 220/20 Omni Keeper This Keeper is more decked out than any character I have. He has LOTS of pande/zod items and almost full set of beast armor including Burden of Competence and shoulder pads. Has 7 Zod ncus, has ALL three TNH pande Belts!! All garden keys, full tier 3 and loaded with lots of pande gear like Capricorn Bracer of Toxication, Mediative Gloves of the Aquarius, Taurus' Spirit of Patience, Mysery of Pieces, Keeper star, QL 270 + symbiants. Lots more items not listed, Weapons/Rings/Bracers etc... 220/20+ Omni Solitus Fixer Powerleveled Fixer with nice gear. Has a few pande items like scorpio belt and zod ncus, 1k board etc...and all the neccessery items you need to PvM and PvP garden keys/bracers/rings/armor etc... 210/10 Omni Atrox Shade This shade was powerleveled also, has all items needed to keep leveling him. There is so much more I haven't listed that the account has. Really great account and lots of hours put into it. ------------------------------------------------------------------- ACCOUNT # 2 ------------------------------------------------------------------- 220/15 Omni PvP Male Engineer My engie has a high profile, he is purely built for PvP and has all the gear to do so. I can't say much about my engie because some people might know his identity. But he has all the gear he needs to dominate in pvp, has lots of Pande Items/2.5k board/HP pvp armor/QL 270+ Syms/300 def implants etc... 200ish Omni MP Old toon with decent gear, perfect for a buff toon. Again this account has more I haven't lsiten, overall gear account lots of work I have put into it. ------------------------------------------------------------------- ACCOUNT # 3 ------------------------------------------------------------------- 220/24+ Omni Atrox Agent (My younger brothers account) This is my brothers account. Decked out agent as well, PvP spec for pure ganking. Some items of interest are GPH/Burden of Competence/ Agent Star/ Apf Belt/ 2 globe of sufference/ Beast Helmet/ Beast Shoulder Pads/ Set of Tier 3/Set of Azure /Leo Boots/Gemini Bracer /2.5k Token Board/ All Agent rifles including HLOA/Cobra MK6/ Full set of LE armor/ All rings/bracers/keys you'll need. This agent can get his HP to 22k perfect for gankage. 213/12 Omni Male Crat Also has a nice crat alt perfect for a bank toon!!! Account has more that I haven't Listed, very awesome account overall. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Account #4 ------------------------------------------------------------------ 220/22+ Omni Opifex Male Agent This agent is well geared, a friend quit a while ago and gave me his account since he would never play AO again. Prolly one of the most decked out opifex agents in the game. Some of his gear are 2.5k board, Burden of Competence, Beast Pads, GPH, Intuitive Memory of the Aquarius, Capricorn's Relieable Memory, Maar's Yellow Belt of Double Speed, Agent Star, QL 250+ Symbiants, x2 Def implants, Enthusiastic Spirit Helper of the Leo, Sagittarius's Hearty Spirit Helper, All agent rifles, and all the needed garden keys/bracers/rings. ------------------------------------------------------------------- All the accounts are nicely build and great reputations, lots of twinking items and lots of gear not listed, too much to list!! -------------------------------------------------------------------- Items and Credits I have 3.5 billion credits + QL 200 ELLT Scope + Robust Backpack + Full set of QL 300 Combined SharpShooters armor + 4 pieces of QL 300 Combined Commandos Armor. -------------------------------------------------------------------- What I want for my Accounts/Items If you want to buy my accounts with Cash, then e-mail me or talk to me on or aim and give me offers. I also just bought WoW and WoW Burning Crusade and am starting to break into that game. I am still new and jsut started leveling my own character. I would be considering trades for HIGH QUALITY accounts ONLY and Gold for US SERVERS only. I could use high level accounts to help level/tank for my lowbie character and use the gold to fund my new WoW toon. So please send me offers!! ***** No SCAMMERS please, only SERIOUS buyers/traders, will require phone conversation and proof of ownership of their WoW characters to people I am trading with. I will do the same, screenshots won't do, gotta show me ingame and I will do the same.***** email: [email protected] : [email protected] aim: quittingao
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