Sold [Q] Why has BitSkins higher up their fees to 15%?

Discussion in 'CSGO Items - Buy Sell Trade' started by /u/SirMiguelito, 5/15/19.

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    This is even more than Steam Market, isn't the whole point to be different and better from it?

    I told my friend to sell his items on BitSkins since it's the most known cash-out site at the moment, and he did registered in. But he told me the fees were 15%. I told him no, it's 5%, and went myself to check it. And it was 5%, since my account is an older account I believe, but for him, as a new member it's 15%... Why is that?

    Here's the screenshot he sent me. It seems for new users the sales fees are now 15% instead of 5%.

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