Selling  PSN + Destiny 2 STACKED Account Platinum Trophy Very Good items for cheap price!

Discussion in 'Destiny Boosting - Buy Sell Trade' started by jaylad32, 7/17/20.

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    Im in need of money as i owe some people some big money, so i am now selling 2 years of my life on this game on this forum.
    This is a great game and its fun to play with friends and sometimes by yourself too if you're on the grind to get some nice guns...

    Anyways yeah this is what i have to give up;
    1 Platinum Trophy PS4
    750 Light Titan Class
    750 Light Warlock Class
    750 Light Hunter Class
    2,324 / 3,683 items have been collected.
    177 exotics
    499 Weapons
    43 Mods
    402 Equipment (ghosts etc.)
    797 Pieces of Armour
    406 Flairs.
    ALL DLC'S + all Season Passes
    884 Legendary Shards
    51,527 Bright Dust

    If theres anything else you would like to know give me a shout.
    Open to any fair deals .
    Instagram; @JayKerrr
    Email: [email protected]

    (also if you are interseted there are a couple of more games on the account for free
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.