Sold [PS4][PS5] Selling 1.4 mill MT @ 7/100k. Paypal and cashapp only.

Discussion in 'NBA 2k MT - Buy Sell Trade' started by /u/Ottohitdalotto2, 7/22/21.

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    • If interested, send a chat.
    • Never Bought? I will explain the Process to you.
    • I dont cover the 10% Auction Tax.
    • Will ONLY go 1st if u have legit vouches. Buyer is usually going 1st.
    • i am willing to do increments(100k or lower at a time).
    • If using paypal please send all payments as friends and family, if you send wrong you will have to pay for the fee.

    2k21 Rep:

    Nba 2k20:

    . /u/Ottohitdalotto2
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