Selling  PS4  1-48 Hours [PS4]Garden Of Salvation [Divinity] [Full Raid Clear ]

Discussion in 'Destiny 2 Items - Buy Sell Trade' started by BloodYFacce, 10/24/19.

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    Today I am selling destiny 2 Garden of Salvation Recovery/Raid Clear with Divinity Raid completed with divinity and emblem in 48 hours or less depending on the number of orders taken on for the day.

    All account login and passwords are safe and secure for this service I've played destiny 2 for almost 5 year and am selling this service too help players who are struggling with getting divinity and the raid clear.

    Includes divinity [Exotic Trace Rifle] Raid Clear Full Completion [Emblem] 2 Secret Chests, Loots Drops

    After Payment has Reached Middle Man, PM me You're Account Email and Password and character which you would like it done on once completed I'll reply back in stating it's complete with screenshots to you for proof.

    Requirements: 928 Minimum, with a Sniper Preferably.

    Thanks BloodyFace.