Selling   PROSELLER** TRUSTES** Android Account 19M Pow** Vip 9** 10 Heros Ascension** Lv 178** 250$

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    • Vip 9
    • Level 178
    • Heros lv 279
    • 19M Power
    • 10 Heros Ascension
    • Account linked Gmail ( You can link your Gmail or Game Center)

    I send all info and i will help you change all info if you buy from me

    Before buying, please contact me , I will show you more screenshots and discuss about the deal and prices

    - We can always discuss about price, the price is negotiable, I can reduce the price well if you are real buyer

    If you interested , please contact me by via
    1. Line Chat ID : jackdemon0411
    2. Skype: Skype
    3. Discord: Jackdemon0411#4369