Sold (Pro-Seller - Trusted) SELL GEM UNLIMITED: Price 300k = 100$ (Under power 200m might)

Discussion in 'Lords Mobile Items - Buy Sell Trade' started by SirKendi, 2/19/19.

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    Hi, I m sirkendi today i give you deal through middleman sell gem unlimited for power under 200m might

    Price: 300k gem = 100$

    Always ready for ship ^^

    What you should know before buying GEMS:

    • As you may know, in Lord Mobile, we can't transfer GEMS, it can only be sent as speedup, brave hearts, shield and etc..
    • We will send you the speed up or items via Gift shop so we don't have to be in the same kingdom, only need to be in the same GUILD.
    • As you know, I have to pay for middleman 15% amount for fee, so i only get about near 27$ for 100k gem, if you want better deal, please contact directly for me
    What you need more with your Lords Mobile account?
    Beside gem, I also sell RSS all kingdom and accept help top up/buy pack with cheaper price (pack 55 EUR = 45 usd, pack 110 EUR = 85 usd) ....

    For any additional info or with any questions contact with me:

    Contact me on Line ID : sirkendi
    Contact me on telegram : sirkendi
    Contact me on wechat ID: sirkendi_shop

    Contact me on Skype ID : vmquan88

    You can check account and gem was sold by me here:
    Selling - SirKendi STORE: Pro Seller - Trusted - Secure - Satisfaction (Continue Part 3) | PlayerUp Accounts Marketplace. Player 2 Player Secure Platform.

    Thank you for reading my thread and have a good day for every
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